…did I mention that I got huge into FFXIV A Realm Reborn back in 2014, and I recently fell deeply back into it. It’s the best single-player FF since X, and it’s an MMO.

I’m interested in it, but I have a certain amount of trepidation. For one, I thought that FF11’s control scheme was really obtuse, and I’m a little worried that FF14 would be that way. Another issue is that I just wonder if like, paying a monthly subscription would cause me to play it either more often than I’d like, or more than I can really afford to. I have a WoW account, but I also don’t pay for it, so I don’t feel any artificial pressure to play it - I play WoW precisely when I want to.

Still, I am definitely curious to try the game out.

After they lined up and shot the team that put the original FFXIV together and fed the bodies through a mulcher, Square realized it wasn’t 2005 anymore and went with a modern interface that honestly isn’t all that much different from WoW’s. It even works on consoles, though I’ve only been a PC player

I understand the subscription thing. I will say that I’ve never regretted paying it.

i play it and find it fun enough.

You know, I’m might have been interested 6 years ago when I was still eating up all these references, but Squeenix has been playing their nostalgia card so much lately that I just can’t seem to care. Plus, I never really cared about most of these characters to begin with, Warrior of Light? Onion Kid? Setzer?? I was always more of a Terra (not Tina), Celes, Faris and Beatrix fan myself and even they can only tide me over for so long.

You fail to understand the power of the storytelling in XIV, Killmore. And the soundtrack, Jesus Mary and Joseph, the soundtrack.

Yes there are characters named Cid, Biggs, and Wedge, but the fanservice-ey stuff is left to an optional sidequest line (which I absolutely adore).

Nulani, what server are you on? I’m Midgarsormr.



I usually play a few months, unsub out of boredom, resub several patches later and binge on the content, then unsub because I don’t like the endgame content on the long run.

I’d like a difficulty besides ‘Mouthbreather’ (Normal) and ‘Prepare your anus’ (Savage). I thought Normal Coil of Bahamut was just right, but I lost interest with the Alexander raids when they made them ‘party finder’ difficulty + the loot system.

The music is freaking amazing however, I turn music off in WoW but never in FF14.

I also love the Ninja class even with some of the clunky aspects of it. Ninpo’s fun to me…except when latency says hi.

Bard all the way. Fanciest hats available.

I’m a filthy casual when it comes to endgame.

I tried being a filthy casual and then I discovered I despise most of the people there. :frowning: