FFXII Revenant Wings VA Opinions

As FFXIII-2 is going to come out in Japan soon a month before we get it, might as well give my VA opinion on “FFXII-2”

Vaan: Bobby Edner
Penelo: Catherine Taber
Llyud: Crispin Freeman (Will Turner, KH2)
Kytes: Eamon Pirrucello (WilyKat, Thundercats)
Filo: Madeleine Hall (WilyKit, Thundercats)
Tomaj: Phil LaMarr
Cu Sith: Katie Soucie (young Muriel, Courage the Cowardly Dog)

Balthier: Gideon Emery
Fran: Nicole Fantl
Nono: Dee Bradley Baker (Spidermonkey, Ben-10)
Ashe: Kari Wahlgren
Basch: Keith Ferguson
Larsa: Johnny McKeown

Feolthanos, Judge of Wings: Terrence C. Carson (Kratos, God of War series)
Mydia: Billie Piper (Rose Taylor, Doctor Who)

Ba’Gamnan: Steve Blum
Gilgamesh: John Dimaggio