FFXII: How much endgame did you do? *spoilers*

Just wondering how far people decided to go in endgame. Did you finish the mark quests, or not because you thought they were boring? Did you get all the summons? Did you beat Yaizmat? Did you take everyone to level 99?

I saved right outside Yiazmat and fought him for a few minutes, but haven’t followed up yet. I’m planning to, but after 150 hours or however much time I spent, I moved on to other things. I think besides him I need to fight Omega, not really sure if I missed anything else. I tried to use as little FAQ as possible, but resorted to them for a lot of the optional stuff: weapons FAQ, map for Great Crystal (gawd), and finding some of the Espers. I did need help to get past the door to Giruvegan - I hadn’t learned any summons and was pretty annoyed.

So what is your take on the FFXII endgame? There’s a lot of “stuff” to do; it’s hard, it’s random, and seems like a lot of people dislike it. Just curious to see some more opinions.

I’ve been trying to do some of the Hunt Club stuff so I can level up so I can hunt more marks. I haven’t played in a bit (been playing God of War) but I just like being in that world, and completing the side quests (basically filling up the Sky Pirate’s Den) is a good excuse to keep playing.

Well I did everything except beat Yiazmat, Omega, and defeat all the rare monsters. I was trying to do the Hunt Club quest, when finally I got so annoyed and frustrated, I just said screw it and beat the game.

One of the best decisions of my life. FF12’s sidequests are seriously needy, no matter HOW many there are.

The Hunt Club just seemed ridiculously tedius, and I have no plans to even bother. “Spending 2 hours zoning 37 times until the mob shows up” isn’t exactly a test of skill, but of your boredom level. You’d think they could get a little more creative with this stuff.

I’m definitely going after Yiazmat though. One of these days.

I did almost everything. The only monster I haven’t beat is Yiazmat, and I haven’t completely completed the Clan Primer or found all the rare monsters (though I’m only about six monsters away in the former). Frankly, most of it is just not worth it. X-X It’s ridiculously tedious and the rewards are few and far between.

I did most of the hunts up until Gilgamesh became available. I got a couple of the extra Espers, but that was about it. Fun game, just not enough to sink a hundred hours in on pointless side quests.