It has probably been done before, but I was gone a while, so I missed it if it was.

I play a lot of FFXI lately, and I was wondering how many other people play here and server/name/job etc.

for instance, im on Bismarck with a 61 smn named Rhapsody

I retired a LV 60 THF on Titan and sold 7 million gil to ige.com for some nice cash. You’ll get more responses to FFXI stuff in the FFCompendium forum than you will in this one.

45 Bard.

Shit Locke, how much did you get? I totally need to do that with mine when I quit. >.>;

Er, whoops. 25 WAR/MNK on Phoenix along with most here :smiley:

19 Whm
8 Blm
4 Mnk

I’m gonna work on doing a Thief/Monk combo.

I think Locke got a bit over 1000 USD for that.

Phoenix, Rhaka, 21 RDM/19 BLM/7WHM/8WAR/7THF/1MNK.

Used to play FFXI, then I realized that requiring you to be in a team to get anywhere, and limiting you to the shit-class Beastmaster if you want to solo… I hate stupid players and in this game stupid players inhibit your growth as a character, so I dropped it like a hot rock and got back into EverQuest. Now I’m happily playing a Dark Elf Necromancer… AND I AM EVIL, which is another thing you cant do in FFXI… Even the Dark Knights are good guys… being mean and being evil arent the same… >_<

That’s nice Izlude, but this isn’t an Everquest thread :stuck_out_tongue:

<i>30 WAR</i>/<b>16 PLD</b>/15 MNK/11 THF/6WHM/3 BLM/5 DRK

And if I remember right, you need to sell gil in 200k chunks. They won’t buy 10k or whatever since it’s just a waste of time.

Yeah, it’s a 200k minimum.

Selling gil for cash is also illegal. >>

Not on IGE its not.

It’s illegal on IGE, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you read just about any ToS, they’ll say you can’t sell things in the game for money. Basically, everything in the game is owned by the company; you just rent it for as long as you keep paying.

Doesn’t stop people from doing it, though.

Illegal is the wrong word. If something like that were Illegal, you’d go to prison for it. It’s against the PLA, and the worst they could do is kick you off, which if you’re already quitting, why not?

Anyways, 25DRK/12THF/7RNG/8MNK/9WHM/30RDM/4WAR

its “frowned upon” as it breaks the contract that you signed when you started playing the game. (You know, that big text file everyone just clicks “Yes lemme play the god damn game”)

I haven’t played in a while

WAR 13, with a spear!

$1200 USD for my gil, from ige.com. The value of gil is steadily decreasing as US players sell more of it. Still haven’t decided what to do with my character yet (sell / delete / keep). Could probably only get between $200-$300 for it.

The most gil I ever made in one day was 1.2M. 2 archer rings (320k each), 1 astral ring (150k), 1 ochiudo’s kote (420k). I set my alarm for 4:30am on a Saturday morning, because a full moon was starting. And I believe (though can’t confirm) that Full Moon increases Archer Ring drop. I spent 7 hours there camping just one Chyme every 12 minutes, did other stuff in between pops. My turbo-voking ran off every NA player that decided to camp with me, and luckily no JPs showed up with their pathetic latency advantage. Broke for a bit, subbed my NIN, and got the Astral Ring in Castle Oz coffer around 8pm. Ended up back in Castle Oz to help someone with a key, and decided to go try Mee Deggi for the kote after. Missed the first pop because of some stupid dragoon that ran by, but the next one popped about 1:15 later which was hella early, and I only had one competitor. 1/1 on Deggi ˆˆ Stuck around for the next pop, which I didn’t get due to a double spawn. All in all, played for 22 hours.

The week before I snagged 3 archer’s rings during a full moon in the early morning (EST) during a 5 hour run. I was camping both Chymes, which were amazingly uncamped, and I got two in the same hour - go TH2.

Bought my Scorpion Harness the next day. Also got my AF boots…it was a good day! I then organized a party of people from my LS to go from 60 to 75. It was going to be insane…NIN using Kraken Club, THF (me), RNG, RDM, BRD, BLM (all mages with Vermillion).

It was then I realized things had gone a tad too far. I was spending 6 hours a day during the week and 15 hours on Sat/Sun playing, and the way things were going, there was no slowing down. Family, friends, work, school? Bah…I need to get to 75 and get Assassin Armlets (dynamis AF2) and THF Knife (last sale 15M) so I can be the 1337est NA THF on Titan!

Unfortunately MMO’s reward most the people who spend the most time playing. If I could play casually, I’d still be playing. But I can’t, I’m too competitive. If I see something I want, bam, it’s over, it will be mine, regardless of how long it takes (i.e. 5.8M for Scorpion Harness…raised 3M in 4 weeks).

It was tough to walk away. I was really looking forward to Dynamis and hunting the THF Knife, and of course, LV 75 THF in evasion gear, with capped ( A+) evasion skill, and 37 NIN sub for uber blink. /drool (Would have liked hunting HNM’s, but they are “JP Only” due to BS latency).

But /playtime = evil. Although I miss it, it’s a relief my journey is over. The game really caused a good amount of stress. Getting pissed because stuff was overcamped, fending off stupid tells for help, LS politics and whining, blah blah.

Anyhow, wasn’t planning this rant, but it’s typed up so I might as well hit submit.

im dead sick of 11 i think im gonna quit it real soon.

Oh well, fuckem. If someone wants to spend 50+hours a week earning lots of Gil so they can afford somthing nice in the game, so be it. But if they cannot they should have other options to getting GIL, hence IGE. This is also vice-versa in that, if I dont want my year and a half of FFXI to be useless, why the hell shouldnt I get to sell what I’ve payed so much money and time for? They can raise a fit, but in the end… who cares?

Technically, selling gil is illegal, Because it is the property of SE, however, if you look at places that sell the gil, they word it that the are not selling the gil per se, they are selling the time it took to earn the gil, which is a service that is perfectly legal and does not violate any user agreements.

There was a company that was built around selling gold on UO. They got taken to court for it. They lost. I’ve forgotten the company’s name, so I’ll have to dig up the article at some point. You can probably find a link if you search any online game’s forums around IGE.

That’s a bit like saying that drug dealers aren’t selling drugs, they are selling the time and effort to make or get the drugs. Prostitutes aren’t sellign sex, they are selling the time they are giving up.