Is ff11 any good? I live in Britain so as usual we’re the last to get games and stuff. I don’t think it’s being released in the uk till the end of next year + i don’t no whether its coming out for PS2 or just PC. Anyone heard anything about it?

I don’t think that Square-Enix have even confirmed the release of the game in the UK yet, never mind set a release date. I’m assuming that it will be released though, as FFX did well over here. It hasn’t been confirmed as being for PS2, as I don’t think the hard drive is available for it yet over here and I haven’t heard a release date for it. I agree with you that we’re not going to see it before the end of next year at the earliest.

I don’t think PS2 will go online over here coz it’ll cost to much and not all of the country can get broadband. and it’ll cost about200 quid to get all of the things like the hard drive and keyboard. Though i did find a shop in Chester selling ff11 for pc but i didn’t buy it coz its a pretty dodgy shop :wink:

Really? In Chester? I go there quite a bit, but I’ve never noticed a shop selling FFXI. I’ve seen it on ebay a few times, but it’d take up half the hard drive on my computer which I don’t want to do. So, if they don’t release it for PS2 then I’m stuck. I hope they do coz it might encourage more online games and make shelling out for the hard drive more acceptable. But, I agree, a lot of the country can’t get broadband so they may not think it’s worth releasing it on PS2 if so many people aren’t going to be able to use the hard drive.

I don’t like chester… but then again i live there (well most of the time) it was in Gamezone that little shop down near tescos. but i don’t go in there much coz they don’'t usually have any good games. It might have just been a promo box i saw but might be the real thing. i’ll go find out tomorrow.

You can import it and play it without problems. And you won’t have to worry about lag, we Europeans won’t lag more than the Americans anyway: The servers are in Japan.

At least, I’ve imported it and am playing it without any problems.

As for the PS2 version, it’s expected to be released in the USA in March. That’s what I’ve heard anyway. I don’t play much attention to things related to the PS2, as I don’t own it.

The PAL version of FFXI is definitely NOT available on the PS2.

However, Nulani is right, you can import the PC version, and it plays perfectly well, of course with the right specs for your PC. I imported it from America to England and have definetly not regretted the decision.