Well I just finished installing ffxi, it took a while but not 3+ hours like many have told me and started playing.

Like most mmorpgs you start out and the first thing on your mind is gee what the hell am I supposed to do (I still havnt figured it out exactly) so I wandered around till I found the exit of town and then killed some stuff, and had to get off to eat dinner.

It seems to be a really good game once you learn about the stuff in it. It even has a story unlike most mmorpgs, but if you play it don’t play it thinking its going to be like everquest or RO or anything because its not.

I guess the whole reason for posting was to start a FFXI thread and to see if anyone else has it or will have it soon.

Just wondering, I think I can guess by the way you made it sound, but does it just start you in the middle of town and expect you to find everything? Or do you start out in some newbie zone that teaches you the basics? Also, whats your class?

Well, if your smart you can read all of the tutorial things, but if you jump right in the game it shows you the intro story then some guy tells you to delever an adventurers cupon and then you basically are on your own. You get quests by talking to townspeople and running errands for them and you get missions from the kingdom you chose by talking to the guards of town.

After deleteing my character a few times I decided to go with an elvaan warrior in the kingdom of san d’oria or whatever.

It’s true that you cant pick what server you start on, but I’ve heard you can buy something called a worldpass in game for like 1000gil (its quite a lot of gil) the worldpass lets you pick the server to start on. I got put on Bismark server I know one other server is called Ifrit, not sure what the 3rd server is called.

Battles are a lot different than most mmorpgs, its hard to explain though… only one big problem ive noticed about battles, if you try to run away theres a VERY slim chance you can get away from the enemy and even if you do get far enough away so it doesnt hit you it chases you FOREVER, like yesterday I ran from a scarab beetle and I got lost trying to run back to town after 4 minutes of running I turned the camera around and it was STILL behind me. So I kept running and eventually made it to town where some guy provoked it away from me and killed it.

Also I think the 3 kingdoms are fighting for territories but I don’t know any details about it, I have only looked at the regional maps and the towns keep changing kingdoms.

Oh and ness I already said this Isin’t RO so no there is no “newbie zone” that teaches you the basics using engrish.