FFXI World Emigration starting - RPGC linkshell finally?


I would move to a brand new server, anyone else? Potentially, if we apply, we would all move to the same new server. You get to keep all your stuff and levels. Last time, everyone who applied was dropped onto Asura together.

Most of us are already on Phoenix.
Besides, they’re creating new worlds this time. Any applicants will be spread out among them.

No, everyone from the same world will move to the same new world. And I plan on staying, since my linkshell is cool <_< Besides, the economy will be going all CRAZY in the new worlds for a bit, and for high level people partying might be hard.

If by crazy you mean not retardedly broken like it is now? Things cost way too much in that game…

Maybe it’s retardedly broken on your server - On Phoenix, it’s pretty good. Hell, Phoenix is one of the cheapest servers of them all. Example: Vassago’s Scythe costs 150k on Phoenix (roughly). It costs 250 to 500k on any other server.

No they don’t, you can buy average gear with very minimal money-making downtime. For good gear, yeah, you need to spend some time making money. But it’s quite a reasonable time investment for most gear, one or two overpriced things aside (which aren’t as overpriced as they seem, due to requiring pretty high level crafting skill and hard to get materials).

Hell, I think I farmed a grand total of once, while trying to get my lantern shield. I still have plenty of money for gear and spells of 3 jobs, and pretty top of the line too.

I won’t move. Look at what happened to Midgarsomr and Asura. Shitty, messed up economies. The only people who benefit from this move are HNM linkshells that have too much competition. They move to a new world with HNMs all to themselves and are self sustaining so they don’t have to worry about crafting the items that won’t be in the economy yet. Well, them and people on Fairy, I guess. Fairy’s supposed to have the highest noob population of all the servers and highest NPC prices due to high population.

They said they’re making 3 new worlds, but that’s what they said last time, too. The thing is, not enough people applied so they only made 1.

I stopped playing, but even I I was still, I wouldn’t move. All friends I made aren’t moving either. :stuck_out_tongue: