FFXI Webcomic...

So yeah, I’ve been working on this a tiny-winy bit and wondered what you all thought of the progress so far. And before you say ANYTHING, just make note: YES I KNOW that the first joke is right out of 8-bit Theatre, I did that on purpose to pay homage to the glory that was 8bit theatre… It was a tribute of sorts, but still holds the same meaning in FF games to this day…

Now I know there is a problem with the size, but I cant really help that because photobucket resizes images when you upload them. If you save it to your harddrive (assuming you have WinXP) and use the windows photoviewer you can zoom in if you need to. Tell me what you think.

This one’s size came out a lot better for some reason. Take a look-see. Episode 2: “Seedy Tavern”

Pottyjokes are not a good way to get attention

It’s owned by Destiny Dreamers!

The art is OK, but you need to work more on the script and jokes.

yeah, theres a reason I only got to issue 2, lol, I just wondered what you all thought. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who wasnt happy with it.

Boco the magic chocobo sez:

Boko get’s eaten by chocobos who say “Wark” Take that!


Pussy chocobos say Kweh…

as a side note, that webcomic that someone linked to up near the top of this thread is FUCKING GREAT… You should all read it. I love it.

*all of boco’s dismembered pieces’s from inside tose bastard wark chocobo’s suddenly rip themselves from stomaches and combine to form…


with a mighty cry of kweh he proceeds to destroy the world, the world i tell you!!!


excuse me…