FFXI Techie Stuff


You need to give us more system specs… I even did a bit of research at the dell website and there are several possible combinations. Some might run FF11, but most won’t. Not only that, but the video card most likely needs to be upgraded.

Here are the system requirements, you can try downloading the benchmark test which should give you an idea if it will play.

This is what I used to find out about your system. As you can tell, there are several memory possibilities alone which can have a huge impact.

This is just going off of the factory settings assuming you haven’t changed anything. It doesn’t look like your system can handle the game (mainly because of graphics). You should try downloading the benchmark test and see how your computer handles it. If your computer handels the benchmark fine, you should be ok, but there are no gaurantees. If your system can’t handle it, you might want to look into getting the PS2 version if you have a PS2 and network adapter already since it will be cheaper than upgrading your system.

If you play a lot of current PC games just look at how they play. If your computer handles them just fine and they aren’t slow or anything, you’ll be fine. If you don’t play PC games, then forget about this idea.

If you could post your system settings, even if you don’t know what they mean, then that would help a lot.


Right off the bat I can tell you that in all liklihood, your computer won’t be able to run FFXI because it doesn’t have a powerful enough video card. The Dell Dimension is a desktop computer designed to be a work computer (to run MS Word and MS Office and such, which is why it has so much RAM and such a strong processer).

If you play games on it then I would suggest that to enhance your current gaming expierence and to help you out in the future that you purchase a relativly new card - that should keep you ready to play such upcoming titles as Doom 3 and Half Life 2, as well as Final Fantasy XI. A 32 MB card should do fine.

As far as obtaining system specs goes, you can get a very general run down of what your computer has by right clicking on My Computer. If you need further information you should click the hardware tab and go into the Device Manager.

Make it 64MB, else you won’t be able to run the game at high resolutions because the amount of texture memory avaiable is too small.

Oh, ok. Thatwas a guess, I haven’t played the game.



if you can only connect at 28, then no, you wont be able to play FFXI. I am lucky to be able to on mine, i connect at 49 and 52 sometimes


I’m a little unsure about that video card… most intel® graphics cards i have seen sucked major ass…

You can either go to the website www.playonline.com, or call customer support… I can give ya the number if you want it.

I recently bought a ATI Radeon 9600 xt, and I am very pleased with the results. If you can spend 150bucks on a video card, you may try looking into this one. Also, while connecting via dial up will let you play the game, you will have lag between maps like no one’s business… It’s disgusting compaired to DSL or Cable. Then again, if thats all you can get, you gotta do what you gotta do.

You need a new videocard, an ATI Radeon 9000+ or a GeForce 2+.
And you need a new Internet connection. The minimum is 56K.

Are you sure anything below the radieon 9200 will work? I knew they said nothing below a GeForce 2, but I wasnt sure about the ATI cards. I HAD a 9200 and it ran “ok”.


Anything in the 9000 series.
Or so Square-Enix says.

Sweet, Radeon > GeForce

IMO anyway

i got the lowest GeForce that can support it… it plays allright…