FFXI new update + ADV job review

Okay, Here’s my little update thread, i am going to couple a review of my 3 advanced jobs with it too.

Vetrebond, Phoenix

I really liked this very unique job. I only leveled it to 13, but i stopped playing it for a few reasons. My main gripe was that the monsters didnt stay charmed long enough. I was able to kill some monsters as a level 13 BST that i normally couldnt kill otherwise. Elvaan just werent cut out to be Beastmasters.

I really liked Paladin alot. It was amazing to just cut through virtually any monster. I leveled this all the way to 20, it was some of the fastest leveling i have ever done yet. I really loved it, but one of my friends on there wanted to be a PLD, so i changed…

Dark Knight.
I really like DRK. The damage i do is amazing. With my new Braveheart Greatsword, i almost never miss, and i do the same ammount of damage as most 30 + players do. It is just amazing job, and it’s a really fun change to go from being a tank to a DD(Damage Dealer).

Dark Knight is now my main class, and i wont be doing any changing for a while. Just leveling.

Guess they nerfed the rusty cap BS. The economy has officially gone to hell! Too little too late though, people already made millions off it. Ige.com only paying $65 for 1M now. That should change.


Greetings fellow Dark Knight. I got DRK to lvl 50 last weekend and now im trying to get help for my limit quest…also i kinda neglected my GS skill so now I’m out leveling up my skill…after which i will work on Great Axe. I also need to cap my Dark Magic which is only level 130 at this point. Then I go level my BLM for warp and start mining Gusgen Mines to make semi-mad cash.

All the crap they are changing for Chains of Promathia

Quick question. Do you guys know if gettings Chains of Promathia or whatever is required to continue playing or can you skip it and continue playing? I’ve been searching, but can’t find an answer.

CoP is not required to continue playing FFXI. You just can’t access any of the cool new stuff without it (obviously =P).

Oh, I almost forgot:

50BLM, 32WHM, 15THF, 10BST
Still in need of money. (about 1.4 million this time :fungah: )

Regarding the BST, my story is fairly similar to BL’s: got it, leveled it, had fun, but found that pets didn’t stay charmed for long enough to make it really interesting to me. That and the frequent death. However, I really did enjoy those times when you narrowly avoid death through a series of fights lasting a good 10 minutes, use 6 pets, have your charm fail twice, get numerous cases of aggro/links, and somehow manage to survive with all of 2 hp. Almost makes me want to pick it up again…

They nerfed rusty fishing a little too late. It’ll take a while for a stack of Light Crystals to drop back down to a reasonable price.

And DRK/THF has to be one of the best damage dealing classes for an Elvaan to play. I can do 350+ Damage on a 100% TP Souleater Sneak Attack Nightmare Scythe.

And then, since Souleater lasts a minute, I keep bashing the thing for 100+ Damage until I finally take aggro and run like a little girl.

This is the only thing that really caught my attention in the additions… >_>

“Scythe” has been added to a black mage’s combat skills. Black mages will now be able to equip certain new weapons.

And this should have happened a goddamn long time ago.

Under the “Global” tab in the FINAL FANTASY XI Configuration Tool, a new feature allowing the creation of a desktop shortcut directly to the FINAL FANTASY XI top page has been added.

I love GS. I was disappointed to learn that DRK AF was a scythe… Why would they start you out with a GS and end you up with Scythe ? With a Braveheart GS, i dont need to sub THF now, but i know when i reach 30, THF would be better than WAR… but for now, War is best.

I cannot wait untill i can use the AF gear, it looks so cool. Once i reach 20, i am gonna go do some Windy quests and get Aspir. So far i have been really good at keeping my spells upgraded.

Xelo, i tried talking to you once, but you gave me the cold shoulder… did you blacklist me or something ?

TO OOKA: Yeah, thats what made the class really fun to play, it was like a constant fight for survival, and you were always working, doing something, as opposed to going to dunes and just mindlessly leveling up for hours and hours…

What’s stopping you from leveling more than one weapon, especially if you have two with A+ ratings? (well, GS is A-, Scythe A+, but it’s close enough…) Versatility man, versatility.

And yes, a thief sub is pretty much bullshit pre-30. You don’t get any useful abilities until then, and the stat gains are ever so minimal. Stick with a war sub for provoke (you should definitely try to not have to use it, but sometimes being able to voke when the tank DCs, needs to recast Utsusesmi or your white mage is getting raped is useful) or mnk for Boost.

And Xelo, stop sucking and getting aggro <_<

“Only THF should have Trick Attack!”

You could earn money of Rusty Equipment?

You need to try out Bard. *Nod.

Arent all these network and server problems becoming a big pain in the ass ?

Yeah, basically went like this. Go to Rabao, clear your inventory except for fishing stuff. Fish for an hour, and don’t move, and after that hour all you’ll catch is rusty caps. Then turn on your afk fishing bot while you sleep, and catch about 40 of them. Use light crystals to turn the rusty caps into padded caps, and sell them to an NPC for 2,000 gil each. Oh look, 80,000 gil every few hours while I’m afk!

This won’t work anymore, I’ve been told they only sell for 1,000 each now, and you don’t catch them as often. Also, I never did this, so I might be off with some of the details, but that’s the gist of it.

Yes, I wanted to play for a bit Sunday and Monday nights, but couldn’t connect. Played Tuesday, hunted Lizzy for 2 hours, no drop :thud: Might play a bit this weekend, probably just gonna hunt boots again. Might start levelling WAR, so I need them.

Still haven’t decided if I’m gonna come back to ffxi full time. But I think I’ll want to play every now and then over the winter.

Once I start this game up I want to go for palidin, or maybe ninja. Dont know yet because my computer is stupid. On a related note I got a question.

Okay ive installed the game and everything but my code doesnt work. Is there anyway to get a new one or do I have to buy a entirely new game?

Man, FFXI’s economy is so insanely broken right now though… >_> The cost for buying anything at all past leve 20 is stupid.

I’d call Playonline support, there’s a number on their site (playonline.com).

What’s so expensive? You can farm anywhere at any level and make 5k/hour easily…if you want a rare NM drop or high level crafting item you’re gonna have to put the time into it someone else did. Why don’t you play a game you can handle instead of constantly complaining about one you can’t?

The economy isnt that bad. Higher level stuff is supposed to be expensive. The price on equipment actually drops a little after a certain point. I know a lot of people who complain about money, but for some reason, no matter what, i always managed to make it and buy the things i needed. Now sure, it was insane luck that i found a guy willing to sell Braveheart for 9K + a stack of fire crystals… It wasnt a rip-off deal either, he was eager to be rid of it(he had two) and he needed SAM gear, so in the end, we both got a really good deal out of it.
Now, if you are talking about the price of the Rabbit Charm(really not that great of an item) and Emperor’s Hairpin, and Leaping boots… you should try hunting the mobs that drop them, and then you will understand the insane price. I am proud to report that while leveling dunes, i have spotted the Valkrum Emperor twice and watched him for 5 minutes while the campers didnt know he was there… The last time he agroed and killed me in 3 shots… I found, that your money tends to recycle itsself. when you update armor, sell your old stuff, and you will have enough to buy the new, sometimes with a little extra. the only classes who really lose money are the classes that shoot it all away(like ranger, thief, ninja)
I made a small fortune from trading in Rabbit Hides to that dude in SSandy.
Ohh, and lets not forget Eco Warrior… wicked mad cash, even if you can only do it once a day.

Emperor uncamped? What server are you on? I’m going there!

I snagged 7 Leaping Boots, 5 Hairpins, and zero rabbit charms (0-20)

My favorite Emperor picture:

Jack was such a waste of time. Had I hunted Chymes or hell, even farmed crystals, I would have had so much more gil. Wasted a good 60 hours on him.

Lizzy from last night (no drop ><) I always enjoy performing in front of a crowd.