FFXI Live Concert

This was an event during a promotion of the new Chains of Promathia expansion which was held on September 11th.

You can view the entire event from here.

I strongly doubt that anyone here can grasp japanese, so in order to head up to the concert part, foward the video to one hour exactly.

Who performed the music ?

1st off, Kumi Tanioka(Chocobo’s Dungeon 2, FFXI, FF Crystal Chronicles) lead the concert and played a set of keyboards.

2nd, we have Tsuyoshi Sekito(Brave Fencer Musashi, Chocobo’s Dungeon II, All Star Pro Wrestling Series, The Black Mages, Final Fantasy Origins) who played the acoustic guitar.

3rd spot goes to Naoshi Mizuta(Parasite Eve 2, FFXI + Expansions) who played a bass guitar.

Last but not least, we have Hidenori Iwasaki(Front Mission 4) who played a 2nd set of keyboards.

Here’s what was played live:

1- Prelude (piano solo : Kumi Tanioka)
2- Gustaberg
3- MC1 (Kumi Tanioka)
4- Ronfaure
5- The Federation of Windurst
6- MC2 (All 4 performers)
7- The Sanctuary of Zi’Tah(Rise of the Zilart Expansion)
8- Ru’Lude Gardens (piano solo : Kumi Tanioka)

Overall, it was very cool to be able to see and hear this =)

Hey - that is a great link. Enjoying it now - thanks!

Anyone else cares to comment on this ??? <.<

The quality was lousy!
But still nice.

Love the Gustaberg song, they jazzed it up a bit. That’s probably my favorite tune from the game, mostly because it reminds me of the days I was just starting out. Ronfaure is also high on my list. Somehow I had all the Windurst music in my playlist before the game came out, so I was already familiar with it. Made those grueling trips through Windy a little more tolerable (no offense, Nulani!)

I had the soundtrack before the game came stateside, I loved FFXI’s music.