FFX2: Gunner's Gauntlet

Ok, I give.

Can ANYONE give me a strategy for beating Gunner’s Gauntlet? All I want is to beat it once (score 500 points) so I can continue getting the % I need to get the Special Ending. I got 468 points once… then ran out of time. -_- I think I need to learn the order the fiends come at you, and when to switch ammo (and when to reload.)

It took me quite awhile, too. There’s no real tricks to it, just keep at it. Just use the Doubleshot Ammo often and try to always use your Death ammo on the big stuff, like the birds.

Yeah, I know there’s no in-game tricks or codes, I just want to know WHEN to fire and when to run.

For example, should I bother with the two stationary coyotes at the start or just run past them? Should I stay in front of the bridge until I have enough points? How many seconds does it take to reach the beach from there?

C’mon, guys, gimme a hand!!!

Never ignore ANY targets. If you can lock onto it, shoot it! And get hit as little as possible. If the monsters are getting too close, RETREAT!

And hit the aim button often…sometimes you’ll lock onto monsters before you can see them.

(well, the 500-point version, anyway.)

That’s another little Completion % down! (nice Christmas Gift, hehe.) :yipee:

Here’s how I did it (this might or might not help those of you with the same problem- we’re all different- but it can’t hurt to analyze it) :

Oh, yeah: SPOILERS!

First, I IGNORED the two coyotes at the start. I NEEDED every second I could get, since I often ran out of time before reaching the beach. In any case, that was NOT where I racked up the points.

I did it in front of the bridge. I stationed Yuna slightly ahead of it, so that I could see what was coming but was still within range. I soon had enough kills to get the triple point bonus.

The fiends seem to come at you in this order: coyote-wildwolf-shantak. Watch out, every so often they come at you in pairs- use the Dual Shots for those occassions!

The coyotes you can kill with less than 6 shots, so you don’t get the reload delay. Not so the wild wolves- shoot them from far away, so when Yuna stops, you’ll have a chance to zero on again- one more shot should kill it.
I saved all the Death Bullets for the Shantaks.

Note: I saved reloading for when I was REALLY low on bullets (or out of Death Bullets). I found out it was a good idea to wait for killing the fiends when they were reaching the end of the bridge- that way, I had time to pick up the coffers before more fiends showed up.

I waited until I had the full 500 points before taking off for the beach. Never mind if you get hit on the way, Yuna can take them as long as you keep running.

Save one death bullet for the robot in the beach entrance!!

Good luck, and you better believe I’m going to BLAST this minigame when I write up my FFX2 review! (accursed forced minigame playing rassem frassem…)