FFX2: 101-Level Dungeon

Well, after a LOT of travail (including accidentally hitting “start from Cloister zero” when I reached level 80- ARRRRGHH!!!) I FINALLY reach the bottom of this annoying megadungeon… and it turns out, I have to kill TWO superbosses in a row… and I can’t even beat the first! I tried the strategies in Gamefaqs with no success. Help, please?

Before you ask:
-I have one Cat Nip. I have it on Yuna since she’s my Gunner. I hardly get to use it before Paragon wipes me out.
-Yuna is level 99, Paine is level 97 and Rikku is level 95.

  • I have nearly ALL Garment Grids (even the ones you get from failed chocobo missions.)
    -I have all Dresspheres, but I have mastered a different set with each girl.
    Yuna: Gunner, Songstress, Gun Mage (missing most Blue Bullets), Lady Luck, Floral Fallal, Trainer, Mascot.
    Rikku: Thief, Black Mage, Alchemist (only missing Elixir), Berserker, Machina Maw, Trainer, Mascot.
    Paine: Warrior, White Mage, Dark Knight, Samurai, Full Throttle, Trainer, Mascot.
    -I have at least one of every accessory (I think.)
    -I do not, however, have all Alchemical components (I know you can do wonders with Hero Drink, Three Stars, Dark Matter, etc. but I haven’t found any.)

This is the LAST thing I have to do for story completion, after this I can go finish the game… please help me come up with a strategy!!

Here’s how you do it.

  • Get Yuna’s HP into critical before the fight
  • Equip Yuna with Cat Nip and a anything that’ll haste her
  • Setup one garment grid so that there is a thief DS next to a gunner DS
  • Have Yuna learn First Strike if she doesn’t already know
  • Immediately switch to the Gunner DS, and Trigger Happy

And you don’t need the dungeon for story completion.

Finishing the dungeon does add a bit to your completion (I think about 0.2%).

Anyhoo… yeah, Xelo’s idea is pretty good. As for the final boss (who is very nasty), there’s an item that steals MP from him. Use them until he has no MP left. That gets rid of his Ultima attack, which is the worst he has. Then you can start pounding on him with Trigger Happy. Your two other members should be Dark Knights or Mascots with accessories that raise their HP and defense as high as they can go. Use them to heal people (don’t forget to use Remedies for the Stop status he injects). You’ll need to use lots of items for this battle (but don’t worry, you won’t need to use any items at all for the “real” final battles, so go all out).

I had Yuna as a gunner with catnip and a speed bracer. Rikku and Paine were Mascots (all abilities except auto-ribbon). Since Paine had already master Samurai I let her use the magicide attack on Trema and Rikku used the Mana springs to suck his MP dry. They had accessories that boosted their Defense up to 255, so Trema was only doing about 500-ish a hit and they had about 6000HP each. Yuna just Trigger Happied his ass until he fell down while Rikku and Paine took turns healing each other and reviving whoever needed to be.

For Paragon I just let Yuna use Trigger Happy, it may take a few tries if Paragon uses that one attack that does 9999 to everyone. You can also oversoul an Omega or Ultima Weapon and then escape and then fight Paragon. He’ll be oversouled with a little more HP but he’ll never connect with a physical hit. Took Yuna about 3 hasted trigger happys to beat him. Try to keep Rikku and Paine at full hp.

Another thing; the Meteor spell that said boss uses is a physical attack, not magical. Therefore, Protect will prevent the damage, rather than Shell. Protect is also good for help against him devastating physical attacks.

Thanks, guys. I’ll try your advice tomorrow. (Dead beat tonight.)


  1. How do I get Yuna’s HP down? I already saved after reaching Cloister 00, and there’s no random fights there.

  2. RC, how did you get the girls’ defense so high!?!

Ooh, bad move, Wilfredo. -_- You shoulda saved in 99. Apparently equipping and de-equipping HP-raising accessories might do it. I’ve also heard that going into fights in Macalania Forest and then walking straight back to the dungeon will get you in there without automatically restoring HP. I might be wrong though.

Another thing about getting to low HP that I had noticed.

When using a Phoenix Down in battle to resurrect Yuna after she had fallen, she came back with significantly more HP than when I used the Phoenix Down outside of battle. Meaning, she didn’t always revive on yellow HP, so I couldn’t always get Trigger Happy to work.

Equip the Wring and Bloodlust accessories, then dequip them.

Did it!! Your advice worked, guys- thanks. And yeah, equipping Wring and Bloodlust DID lower Yuna’s HP. Only time I ever used them, BTW.

One thing, tho- I have done EVERYTHING except finish the second part of the Abyss, and I have only 95%?! The guide says the LAST part of the game is worth 4%. That means I’m STILL 1% short of 100! Dammit, I hope it wasn’t not winning the Sphere Break Tournament that did it. If it was, I’ll officially HATE Sphere Break.

Tho’ I AM supposed to return once again from the Farplane and speak with Rikku. Hope THAT does it…

0.2% for each Sphere Break game.

I equipped Rikku and Paine with a maxed out Mascot dress (all except auto-ribbon) and equipped them with those accesserios that give you like Strength and Defense + 40 and the Defense + 50 ones, I might’ve also had them equipped with the Valiant Luster garment grid, think that’s it, its the one that gives like a 20 strength bonus for equipping it. Meteor was piss easy to live through, Ultima on the other hand was a bitch.

That Paragon or whatever monster was easy… Two Trigger Happy on it with two Cat Nips and the thing is dead. Trema on the otherhand… Is one old kickass dude…