FFX Weapons and armor

Just wondering here, but did anybody ever take the time to make a custom weapon that rivalled the celestial weapons? Or find some awesome armor combinations? I’m kinda revisiting my finished save of FFX and thinking of things I can keep doing with it, and weaponm/armor creation popped up after I got a couple four empty slot stuff from omega ruins. So any ideas on how I should customize would be nice.

Of most importance though, is it possible to get a four empty slot weapon for Kimarhi and Auron? I’m annoyed by piercing being a nessesary skill.

So farI’m thinking the weapons definately need damage break, and then customized from there (Though theorectically, if you can get the stats all the same, the best weapon would be one with 1 mp cost and magic boost, to double cast ultima for max damage. Of course, with the massive mp you’d have at that point, 1 mp might be optional.) While for armor, i’m thinking break hp limit, and then some auto stuff, like pheonix, and possibly med. Really wish there was a ribbon effect or something though.

Lucky for you I started playing Final Fantasy X again a few weeks ago. And have put a little thought into the “Ultimate Armour”, not so much the “Customizable Ultimate Weapons” since I prefer to use the proper Ultimate Weapons.

Anyway, for the Ultimate Armour, in my opinion, you need Auto-Haste, Auto-Phoenix, Auto-Protect, and then one more of your choice. Like Auto-Potion, or Auto-Med.

Personally I wouldn’t bother getting BHPL, or BMPL. They aren’t really worth it, for several reasons, which I can’t be asked to go into right now. But BHPL is definately not worth it, with Auto-Phoenix, since you would get revived if they did hit for over 9999.

And so you know the PAL version does actually have a Ribbon affect, it requires 99 Dark Matter to get though, which isn’t nice to try and collect.

Oh and by the way, it might be a good idea for you to keep 1 MP Cost, on your customizable weapons, for whoever you have as a mage, at least. Since without BMPL, Ultima/Holy will drain your MP quite a bit in a long fight, but hey it’s up to you.

There’s a really good FAQ on equipment customization by CB! available through the database that I first saw on GameFAQs; you may want to check it out.

For empty slot x4 weapons and armor for any character, you should be able to buy them from Wantz at the entrance to Macalania Woods. I think that required giving some money to Oaka, though… the exact mechanics of getting Wantz there and him selling those things escapes me at the moment.

Wantz is in macalania? I was wondering where he got to, i’ll need to check that out. Thanks for the advice. and I’m just crazy enough that I might bribe/steal/kill for enough dark maters. i might as well work towards a goal while I try and max out the grid. going to erase all stat spheres and replace with +4 ones. or something.