FFX Shrine

I just looked at the FFX Shrine and I needed one thing: a strategy on beating ultima buster. I couldn’t find it there and, in my opinion, that’s the the only hard part of the game (other then the enemy after Ultima Buster). If the designer of the shrines reads this I think he should add that in there along with anything else concerning the monster arena. But in the mean time, does anyone have a strategy on defeating Ultima Buster. My main characters have over 20000 hp and Tidus have Break Dmg Limit. Anyone?

Is the FFX shrine even finished??? I didn’t think it was…

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> It’s not. Xelo has been working on it for ages.

Make sure you get Lulu’s celestial weapon. When facing the harder bosses, that thing is invaluable if she has a high magic stat.

Meh, either come up with a way to beat it, check the FAQS on a MIRACULOUS page called GAMEFAQS. Notice how I’m emphasizing certain words. Or you could wait for Xelo to complete the shrine.

Bitch at me. I have to finish some shit too :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not done yet I’m doing the Arena Enemies right now. However, for now, check the Database.

Also, you’ll need Break Damage Barrier for everyone, and Attack Reels that can do 99999 a hit. Also good is Summoning the Magus Sisters and using Pasedo (Mindy’s special attack). That can take him out in just a couple hits.

For future references, incomplete shrines don’t have to have everything yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Believe me. A shrine takes a lot of time to finish. I’m currently shrining .hack//Mutation. But I also have obligations to school, work and add a social life to that. :thud:

You can’t shrine if you have a social life. It’s impossible.

I somehow find time.

No it isn’t. Hell, I barely have a social life with all my schoolwork. Shrining + DB Work takes away all of it.

Work smarter, not harder!

That’s what my COBOL professor says, Cid. 8)

I lost my shrine due to my social life. Lisen to me when I say this: Social life and shrining don’t mix. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, I use a party of Rikku, TIDE-US, and Yuna. Rikku and Tidus Mug (Master Thieves, both Celestial weapons), while Yuna Summons or casts Holy, Flare, or Ultima (hell yes for Black Magic Spheres). Magus Sisters own.

Do you have Wakka’s World Champion powered up? If not, do that. Wakka with Attack Reels and the World Champion can do up to 1199988 damage (12 hits for 99999!) That, and Blitz Ace are your best bets.

Also, start filling out the Sphere Grid. Max out Strength and Agility with Strength and Agility + 4 spheres, found by defeating arena bosses over and over again.

I suppose you know the quick Sphere Level trick, too?



I made that ^^;;

What’s the page-long blank space at the end for?

It’s certainly looks nice, but it also looks like you just copied Christine Bomke’s FAQ and posted it. 8)

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What’s the page-long blank space at the end for?

…blank space?
Edit: Woops, fixing it

Originally posted by Dalton Of Zeal
It’s certainly looks nice, but it also looks like you just copied Christine Bomke’s FAQ and posted it. 8)

I did, but we were given permission to do such things. I just HTML-ized it :stuck_out_tongue: