FFX Shrine (bullshit)

Wow, I was checking out the FFX Shrine for the monster to bribe magalixers from and I found this in one of the monsters bribe area : Great Malboro Bribe: Unknown Wings , I thought to my self WTF then looked at a bunch of other ones and saw things like Better magic gem, holy shit, if your gunna make a shrine do it right, it doesn’t take much to write in the right word “Wings to Discovery” geez, I know this item off by heart and I hardly play the game :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know what else to say but bleh.

I think that’s just filler until Mr. Xelo and Steve get the real names of the items.

If you guys are reading this, and you need stats and all that stuff, PM me. I have a guide with info you can use.

you’re crazy. why are you playing FFX to begin with. Xenosaga and Suikoden 3 are both out for ps2.

First off FFX kicks Xenosaga’s ass anyday, Xenosaga just lacks that flare, you know stuff that makes the game worth playing. FFX always has new challenges, the storyline is the easy part. Xenosaga, I got bored of in about 5 hours. But I haven’t played Suikoden 3, I hear it’s good but meh, waiting for RPG Maker 2/FFX2.

Quit bitching about an incomplete shrine.

The Reason: The enemies list was donated to us. However, 90% of the item names are direct translations from the Japanese.

The shrine IS incomplete, that why it wasn’t released, Ness. And Xelo, you should have the stuff right. Translated lists aren’t that great an idea.

Man, get the guide, spend 10 minutes, you could finish it, or atleast the important bits. Stop making excuses, I hope their not paying you to make these shrines!

Xelo wants the last word:

“For the love of God, a shrine as large as FFX Takes time. Enemies lists are bad enough for any shrine, especially when there’s 500+ monsters. Let’s not forget all the time it takes to gather all the items to get which items add what abilities to what weapons. Add on top of that the fact that, unlike the beautiful Tech (FF8 Shrine creator), I refuse to plagiarize 90% of my shrine from the player’s guide.” -Xelopheris, <i>Meditations</i>