FFX Questions (possible spoilers)

I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get any pics of Braska’s Final Aeon, AKA Jecht? And pics of the Fayth statues too. Thanks if you know of any places, I can’t find anything off of yahoo for this.

http://www.ffcompendium.com/~Skylark/ff10/ There’s a Braska’s Final Aeon pic here. Can’t help you with the Fayth statues though.

Or, if you’d actually check the FFC, here:

Thanks Cid. I forgot that its been 2 years since X came out, so I probably didn’t think to check the FFCompendium, don’t know why I’d think that though. Anywho, thanks for the Final aeon pic. Any idea about the fayth statues?

Can’t help with those, sorry. You can ask Xelo, he has FFX and a TV capture card.

Thanks for the suggestion, just pm’ed Xelo.