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Yes,i know i am a little behind the times. But i only got a ps2 and thus,ffx recently. I am currently trying to get my ultimate weapon(s). I decided to take a look at some strat guides and cheat a little and what i see aghasts me. These ultimates better kill Sin in one slash/bludgeon/pierce for all the trouble one must go through. But today i have but one question,How the hell does one get 0:0:0 in racing? i can only imagine you must get every single balloon (which seems quite impossible) and not get hit once (which is semipossible) the trainer always gets those first few balloons.

I don’t suppose i can just kill her and take my sigil can i?

Yes it is posible to get 0.00 time in the race but be prapared to spend quite a long time on it,and you really don’t need to get ALL of the ballons only most of the and evade as many hits as possible.

I personally never got most of the ultimate weapons. What a stupid pain. -_- You most definitely don’t need them for Sin. I’d recommend getting Yuna’s and Auron’s, though, and probably Rikku’s.

Yuna’s ultimate weapon + double cast 1 mp ultima. Nuf said.

Gameshark. Nuff said.

You cheated? Loser. That’s pathetic.

Anyway, I never got it, but from what I heard it wasn’t neccessary to get all the balloons, but rather that it was more neccessary to evade hits. So evade as many hits as you can while getting the most balloons that you can and work from there.

Now cheating isn’t all that bad. Although i do make myself beat the game once with out cheating first. I found 200 bolts more tedious than a race time of 0.00.

I only got Auron and Yuna’s Ultimate. I got God hand but not the second ‘power up’.

Try Yuna with Overdrive -> AP = Kick Ass Aeons!!

You only need the Ultamate weapons for the Dark Aeons (Europe and Internatnal). Then You just Kick Yevon Butt, ya!

I only used the ones i had, and not kick out the Dark Aeons, Cos i wanted to buy FFX-2, and I wanted finish FFX before buying FFX-2

Big Nutter

Well, first of all, the number and layout of balloons is random, so to getting every single balloon wouldn’t necessarily get you the same time. If I remember correctly, you have to get about 12 or 13 more balloons than getting hit by birds, assuming you don’t get hit too much.
I agree with greiver on the lightning dodging being more annoying. By the way, how are you supposed to figure out what the password for getting Rikku’s ultimate weapon is? I know what it is because I checked walkthroughs and stuff, but where in the game do you find it?

Edit: As for the trainer getting the first balloons, sometimes it’s unavoidable, but if you start turning before she does, you’ll always end up behind, so just go straight for a little while.

The little blue discs you find on some of the walls (in Besaid, Kilika Woods, Baaj Temple) that speak in Al Bhed give you hints to the passwords.

Incidenly, Rikku’s weapon password is the Name of that weapon.

Big Nutter

Actualy to get the password for Rikku’s ultimate weapon. You need to read the discs on the floor of the calm lands. I think one of them says the password.

As for the race, I find keeping a cool head and not getting stressed can help you avoid the birds and get the ballons. Just keep trying and you will get the hang of it.

The only reason I ever had for getting the ulimate weapons for most people was to allow the aeons to break damage limits.

They can break the damage limits with just the crests. You don’t need the sigils. The crests are MUCH easier to get.

Not really on-topic, but I recommend you try this. Keep in mind that you should have most of the Species and Area Creations open, as well as having the Magus Sisters on your team.

  • Set all of your team members Overdrive modes to Stoic

  • Equip a weapon with Triple AP, Overdrive - AP, and Triple Ovedrive. Overdrive - AP is the absolutely essential ability to have on the weapon; the others CAN be skipped. To get a weapon with Triple AP and 2 extra weapon slots, kill One Eye in the arena a bunch of times. Overdrive - AP requires 10 Doors to Tomorrow; you should have 99 from catching 1 of every monster from 6 areas.

  • Enter battle with Don Tonberry in the arena. Run up and swat him with Tidus (assuming you gave the aforementioned weapon to him). Don will counter with Karma, killing you instantly. Revive Tidus, and do this again. Then one more time. Revive Tidus, then kill the Tonberry with whatever you have (I recommend the Magus Sisters using Passado).

  • Since you were set to Stoic, you gain Overdrive depending on how much damage you took. Karma does damage relating to how much damage you have done to enemies with that character, and Overdrive - AP converts that Overdrive gain into AP. You can gain 99 Sphere Levels in one battle with this trick (upwards to 1000000 AP!)

Try it; you can get around the Sphere Grid awfully quickly.

Ouch. No, I didn’t cheat, it was sarcasm. No more caffeine for you.