FFVIII reference in FFX-2?

You can ignore this if this is already listed in the FFCompendium or elsewhere, but here goes.

In FFX-2, when you change Yuna to the Songstress Dressphere, sometimes, when attacking, she says “Hey, eyes on me!” Naturally, this made me think of the Eyes On Me song from FFVIII. Did anyone else notice this?

I did. :sunglasses:

But then Cid would notice that. He notices anything and everything.

That is why he is CID, the Man of Final Fantasy.

Quickly adds this to the crossovers “to do” list

I’ll put it up in the next update (probably sometime next week.)

That’s the very first thing I thought of.

I didn’t catch it. I was too busy play with… uhh… the game. Yeah. I was too busy playing with the game.