As for some weird reason, i cant get into the half done shrine, i need some help. Does anyone know where the magizine Combat King #3 is? it says that zells girlfriend has it. but it doesnt say where she is, or how you get it

Also, i accidently got the random rule on triple triad. how can i go about getting it off?


Assuming you’re on Disc 3, you have to have done the following things earlier in the game, or you will not be able to obtain it.

  • Speak with the pigtail girl before going to the Fire Cavern. She’ll mention something about library regulations, and she’ll then bring up the topic of a boy she likes.

  • Before your first outing to Timber, with Zell in party, talk to the pigtail girl again, and Zell will ask her if “Good Bye - Pupurun” is still checked out, to which she replies that it is.

  • Assuming you brought Zell with you back to Balamb during the part on Disc 2 where your team splits up, head to the library with Zell in your party around the time you meet/defeat NORG. She won’t be there, but a conceited SeeD will be at the front counter, asking for her.

  • Once you’ve won the Disc 2 battle against Raijin and Fuujin, take Zell to the Balamb Train Station and speak with the girl in the school uniform there.

  • Before heading to Trabia, take Zell to the Library, where a girl will give him a questionaire.

  • Before the big confrontation with Galbadia Garden, head back to the Library, with Zell in your party, to where the Esuna draw point is. Another scene will play.

  • Now, on Disc 3, when Squall is asked to Edea’s house. Take Zell to the library, speak with the girl at the counter, and she’ll tell you that the pigtailed girl is looking for him. Head to Balamb, speak with the girl you met at the train station earlier, and she’ll mention that the girl’s been here. Talk with Zell’s mom, and she’ll tell you to head to the Hotel, so go on over to the hotel and stay the night.

That should do it.

Regarding the card game, the best way to abolish a rule is to head to Balamb, or somewhere you haven’t been lately (but Balamb works best) and play a game against someone. They’ll say something along the lines of “You know unfamiliar rules. Let’s play with a combination of our rules and yours.” So offer to play them a game, then when the Card Game screen comes up, immediately decline. They’ll now say that one of the rules of this area has been abandoned and is no longer used (though sometimes, this will discard a bunch of rules).

Now, offer to play them another game, and check the rules. If you like them this way, keep playing in that area. If you don’t, reset the game and try the steps outlined above again until you’re satisfied.

Or you could go to Esthar and buy it.

That too. But just in case he wanted the free one, the steps are listed. Thanks for reminding me, though. 8)

Im on disc two. about to go invade Galibada Garden.

I dont think i have talked any wtih that girl. ill have to go see if i still can.

The thing is, ive got the random rule in Balamb. And a few other places. I think i got it started in like FH, and then got it spread to Bgarden and Balamb. Ill have to see.

Thanks all.

Isn’t there a dude sitting at Balamb port, towards the left of the screen, who you can play with, and then it resets the rules if you win? Pretty sure I made use of that last time (admittedly a while ago) I played.

I just did the last three steps and still got it. I think the rest are just to make sure it makes sense.

That too. But just in case he wanted the free one, the steps are listed. Thanks for reminding me, though. 8)
Heh, but you and I both know that it’s almost wasteful to be cheap in FFVIII. I’m sure you’re familliar with the millions of gil you typically have lying around, even half way through the game. There’s almost nothing to spend it on :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re the richest students I’ve ever seen.

They aren’t students anymore and they do have a pretty dangerous job. What always bothered me in that game was the usual trend to make every organization on your side (SeeDs in this case) completely useless. This is normally ignorable, but when you ship is packed to the brim with an army of trained mercenaries, one has to wonder why on earth is the angsty SeeD newbie and his band of amnesiac teenagers running the show. Wasn’t there a single other veteran in the entire Garden that could fight?

TrkJac is right, all you need to do is to do the last three steps of what was said. The others only allow you to actually ‘hear’ what Zell and the girl are actually saying. You’ll get the mag no matter what, as long as you do the last three things.

For the card rule, try this:

When you go somewhere new, challenge someone to a card game. They’ll probably say “Let’s play with our rules and yours” or something like that. Keep accepting until the last possible chance to turn down the game, then go ahead and turn it down. I found if I did this a few times (usually 2-3), eventually the person would stop adding whatever rules I was bringing along and leave just the local rules in play.