FFVII question (spoilers)

A few days ago I was at www.ffcompendium.com, reading the FFVII storyline, and there were a few things that confused me. I’ve played the game, but it was about two years ago.

What did Sephiroth do to make Cloud want to kill him? Just destroy Nibelheim? There’s gotta be more to it than that. I guess it IS Cloud’s hometown and I guess he would have known some people there, but… I dunno, it just doesn’t make sense to me.

After the Sister Ray shot down the Diamond Weapon (or whatever Weapon that is) and break the barrier around North Crater, why did the party not want Shinra to shoot it into North Crater to kill Sephiroth? Isn’t that what they wanted?

Welcome to the forums! Nice avatar, there. Anyways, allow me to try and answer your questions.

[SPOILER] He not only inflicted a huge injury on Cloud’s beloved Tifa, but he also harmed Cloud’s psyche. Remember, Sephy was Cloud’s hero; the one he aspired to be. He was Cloud’s idol, the soldier above all soldiers who fought for a better world. But when Cloud realized the truth behind his beloved Sephiroth, he hated him for it. He hated himself for believing this evil man was the man he always tried to be.

Shooting Sephiroth with such an immense amount of Mako energy is NOT a good idea! Remember Hojo’s plan to “give him as much energy as he wanted”? Well, firing the planet’s energy into Sephiroth would just be going along with Sephiroth’s original plan; wound the planet greatly, and when the Spirit Energy gathered to heal the planet, he would be in the center to absorb it all, taking the souls of the departed people and becoming a form fitting for a mighty god. So in fact, the blast would not destroy Sephiroth, but rather complete his master plan![/SPOILER]

Yeah… that makes sense now. I guess I’ve forgotten more than I realized these past two years. Thanks.

Cloud used to hero-worship Sephiroth; seeing him turn into a monster who murdered nearly his entire hometown (presumably including his mother, thought she may have died before; it’s hard to tell with Cloud’s muddy memories) is more than reason enough to hate him.

But then Sephiroth manipulated his mind, made him believe he was just a clone, and then he MURDERED THE GIRL HE LOVED. I think Cloud’s killing Sephiroth with extreme prejudice at the end of FF7 is MORE than justified.

Although it seems the battle didn’t end there, if what we have heard of Advent Children is correct.

And Hojo wanted to use the Sister Ray to GIVE more power to his son (Sephiroth). NOT a good thing!

Now that were in a FFVII quiestion thread,this quiestion has always bugged me:If meteor was supposed to fall in the north crater so when the planet would try to heal itself Sephiroth would absorb it instead,why did meteor was going to fall on midgar?

Meteor could have fallen anywhere and it would produce the same effect, I doubt that without being godly yet Sephiroth would have wanted to take the full blast from Meteor, he would move in after the wound was made. Also Midgar is the largest city population wise in the game, so you can get a lot going in to the lifestream at once too. I doubt Sephiroth would have too much trouble transversing the planet. It also adds dramatic effect.

Also you there is the fact that Sepiroth was so deep inside the planet, that Meteor could have hit anywhere and Sepiroth would have been at the bottom of the crater, and therefore at the centre of the planet’s energy.