FFVII Added Cut Materia

I have tried and tried again to find this materia.

I just cant.

I know its in the great glacier.

But where, which place exactly?

who told you its in the great glacier? its in the crashed gelnika underwater, near costa del sol.

Au contraire, it IS in the Great Glacier. You may be thinking of Double Cut. But it is hard to find. Here’s a quote from Kao Megura’s FAQ:

MOUNTAIN CROSSROADS (top of mountain east of the STEAMING LAKES)
Once you reach the crossroads (da dum da da :)) head to the upper
right corner of the screen to go off the map. In the next area,
work your way up and to the left. When this screen repeats a second
time, look for a Blue Materia (Added Cut) near the beginning
of the screen, in the upper-right part of the path. This road takes
you to the Steaming Lakes area, but if you try to back the way you
came, you’ll see that the screen has changed. Put another way, you
couldn’t have gotten the Materia unless you took this path since the
‘switching’ road isn’t marked on the map.

Its really hard to find that darn Materia, even when you are on the right screen. It blends in with the ice and the only way you can see it is when it “sparkles”. Just be patience and walk slowly across the screen. Its REALLY easy to miss.