FFVI questions

Ok im playing through FFVI again and im found a thief knife and a thief glove. (around the time you go to zozo.) im curious which is better.

Uh… The one with the best stats?

Does either one have any special affects?

Here is my opionion on the matter. Neither are better. If u use the gloves u can use a stronger weapon. if u use the knife u can use a different,maybe, better relic.

The Thief Glove changes Locke’s Steal command into Capture, which just makes him attack when he steals. The Thief Knife makes the user steal when attacking, so you can put it on a different character then Locke. The better item, as far as Locke is concerned, is the Thief Glove as you can equip him with a more powerful weapon.

ahh i see now. thanks guys