June 24th.

I’m so getting a DS for this title only.

Which was the only reason I got a GBA years ago. (and the Fire Emblems)

FINALLY! It took them bloody long enough… it’s been out since October in Japan!

I didn’t like FFTA…just hope this is more along the lines of FFT.

It won’t be.

Yeah, it looks almost identical to FFTA. Personally I enjoyed FFTA for what it was, so I’m looking forward to it.

I hope it allows you to have actual battles with friends; from what I recall, all FFTA did was let you have co-op battles.

If I could get a game like FFT that would be great, but I know that’s not what the FFTA series is about. Still, there’s not much suspense or intrigue compared to FFT; were there really any twists in the plot of FFTA?

At least the battle system is engrossing, but I wish there was a bit more.

There was barely any plot period to FFTA. 8p

Take FFTA, add more classes, add vs mode, add WFC support, fix up law system.

Everything I want.

Originally Posted by Mullenkamp
were there really any twists in the plot of FFTA?

Despite what many people will tell you there were actually three twists.

The first is that Llednar Twen was not in fact Mewt Randell spelled backwards but Newt Randell.
The second is that Mewt’s mom was smokin’.
And the third was that despite NOA’s best attempts at fooling you (seen here) the actual game itself was worth getting.

Yep, I’m there. (er, in 2011 or whenever it hits Euro-wise. Might be tempted by an import though…)

Yeah I’m definitely picking this up.

I still need to beat FFTA o_o

I just kept getting sidetracked, then I lent it to a friend for a couple weeks (which lasted 3 years…), and I’m actually playing it again now that I got it back!