That or a bunch of whiny gamers spoiled on the later FE games where 95% actually comes out to 99.55% accuracy.

With SRW, the percentages are more bearable. As long as it’s not 0%, you will see a few under 10% landing. But I think the main difference between the percentages between…say a SRW and a FFT, the games speed. In SRW, I remember quick saving right before an enemy, if the 10% cause lethal damage, reload. And the reloading only takes like a second. I remember FFT’s quick saving took a long ass time, almost not worth it to reset it if you got hit. That made the percentages damn annoying relative to other games. I think the Tactics Ogre game was like that too.

I’m playing FFTA2 right now, in mid 30s currently. They did fix a lot from A1, and I DO like that the mission objectives are a bit more varried. Raising up characters is a friggin joke, though… Waiting until later in the game to recruit the stronger classes (Master Monk, Gladiator, Parvir) and then converting then into whatever class you deem necessary destroys the need for early grinding. Then comes relearning the abilities… (Totally love the AP3 Bonus…)

Biggest gripe would have to be the game speed. A quick skirmish (oh, only four antlions, should only take a few minutes) turns into eight or ten.

Biggest praise would have to be the waaaaay smaller map sizes.

Although I did find myself thinking about the good ol’ golden days of FFT gameplay… where Thunder Strike was the fucking JAM, Worker 8 didn’t believe in God, Armor gave HP instead of stats (I miss that…), receiving a big thrill when I stole all of Elmdor’s equipment, and a bigger thrill when I learned Samurai skill-set were Magic based, so having a mage with sword-skills was ridiculous and mindblowing at the same time…

Damn, I needs me a PSP now…

Yet another problem with TA2 is that most of the content is geared for a level 30ish party. The rest is either to get you up to speed or post game content (much of which you can tackle long before then).

Also you can easily break the game by abusing auctions. Once you gain access to the other continent, you can stop off at either what’s his name’s cottage or the swamp hut, wait 11 months, then go to each town and clear all the auctions, then repeat the cycle until you’re satisfied with whatever ultra gear you wanted like the weapons that confer abilities like Dual Wield, Double Cast, Magic Frenzy, Smile Toss, the Ultima attacks, and so on.

Admittedly the game does handle the Bazaar better than FFXII since the item will be named if you have a copy of it before creating it from the recipe (or making a second copy in the case of most equipment worth a damn).

So disappointing. Just don’t compare it to the original game. Even on it’s own it’s not fun. They made a sequel for it and not for the original FFT. Who makes these decisions?

Well, FFTA is definitely worth 10 FFTs. I just wish it was better in a much bigger way.

The thing that always stopped me from wanting a FFT sequel is where they’d take the plot… the Lucavi are gone and reviving them for the sake of a sequel plot would seem kinda lame.

Most FFs have totally different stories and worlds, but they’re still part of the same series and shame many of the same themes and gameplay. Most RPG series are like this, in fact.

Well, I know that. But the FFT franchise as a whole has been established in Ivalice, which has it’s whole mythos.

Didn’t stop the Lucavi from also being summons in the other games, though. So I really don’t know what to think.

It’s fairly obvious that the Ivalice of FFT and that of FFTA are quite different places, the same way the Filgaia of the various Wild ARMs games are similar but not the same.

In any case, any direct sequel to FFT would have a lot of trouble not coming out as a total cop-out. The situation in Ivalice post-game could not be altered much without causing plotholes regarding history and Olan’s scriptures (Which all point to some degree of peace after the whole shitstorm) and Ramza can’t possibly appear again as a remarkable figure for the same reasons, not to mention it’d be really hard to imagine him getting involved in stuff like that again. Any continuation would need to take place in a foreign country, happen a couple centuries afterwards, or both.

Also, I completely agree with Killmore on the ability thing. It seems to me that when they tried to split jobs between races, they ended up cloning a lot of shit so that you ended up with characters that were only good in the few classes their race is supposed to be good with, and a plethora of useless crap. Nu Mou suck ass as anything but spellcasters, Viera blow at melee and there really is no reason to have a Bangaa as anything but Monk. And WHY in the everloving hell is Blue Mage a class? There’s NO GODDAMN USE for it. Same for the monster tamer or whatever the hell it was called, that Nu Mou class that uses monster souls as weapons. There’s really nothing in common with the customization potential of FFT’s job system anymore.

Actually, according to Word of God (that apparently disregards earlier statements), they’re all supposed to be the same Filgaia. Not that this makes any sense or seems the slightest bit possible, but still.

What exactly don’t you like about FFT? I feel like I hear something different every time.

The translation? If you know what they meant (which in every case you should) it doesn’t affect the game at all. That’s comparable to someone tripping over a word in a speech and thinking the entire speech was garbage.

I think I remember you complaining about the difficulty at some point, which I don’t understand. I can see how people who aren’t good at games could have some problems with it but in general the game is about as easy as any other RPG I’ve played.

I’m not sure what else. I don’t understand how you could think FFTA is 10 times better than FFT

Then you’re a lazy person who’s too busy to search for “hades fft” because I bitch about it all the time and it’s always for the same reasons. In fact, those reasons are IN THIS THREAD :confused:

I don’t know about you Ramza, it’s like you’re just pretending something isn’t there that is. It’s unmissable.

Let me save you the trouble.

Hades believes the entire battle system cheats and stuff like damage and spell charge times are dependant on random chance. Someone who actually finished more than half the game then points out something along the lines of “no they aren’t” or a more elaborate “nobody has ever had any such issue in eleven years of the game’s existence”. Such statements are ignored. Rinse, repeat.

I’m about 80% through FFTA right now, and I don’t think it cheats, I just think the descriptions in the game are a poor reflection of the game’s real engine, and I find that annoying.

FFTA is a HUGE improvement over FFTx, but I still notice some bias.

In this thread you’ve complained about RNG and CTR. I don’t know how you could possibly complain about CTR screwing you over as you can preview exactly when your spell will go off on the list before you confirm the spell you want to use.

And I imagine you running around trying to attack knights from the front and getting pissed cause it worked in FF7

You would imagine that, because you think nothing could be wrong with your favourite game as long as everyone plays it right. The CTR list in FFT is too inaccurate to use. I did look at it, the fact that nothing it said was going to happen happened is what pisses me off about it :stuck_out_tongue:

The CTR list usually worked exactly as advertised. The only thing I can think of where it didn’t is Jump, because rather than charging you’d land later on and couldn’t figure out where it would be. What kind of things did you see that made you think it wasn’t working?

I’d just like to point out that it is completely impossible for the AT list to be inaccurate, since the resulting turn on the list is the final calculation after all variables. The only possible way any turn could be modified would be if someone’s speed changed in between the start of the charge and the clocktick resolution, in which case… well, duh, that’s what speed modification does. The again, speed modification on part of the enemy happens so very little (I remember like, one battle against Time Mages and maybe one or two status effects from a Lucavi) that this happening more than a couple rare times in a single playthrough is inconceivable.

JUMP is a special case that does not even show up in the list as it’s calculated from Speed instead of a spell’s innate SP. It’s got a CTR of 50 that is divided by the character’s speed, so a character with speed of 10 will do jumps at 5 clockticks. You’re supposed to eyeball those by watching the target’s CT instead (CT<40 is a sure hit. Close to 60 and you’re pusing it), since the AT list is meant for the 99% of the OTHER charged actions that actually obey SP-based CTR. It’s sort of a way to balance it out, since Jump makes you temporarily immune and has the full force of a charged melee hit at a distance, with a whooping +%50 damage if you have a spear equiped.

And, once again, I’m reminding you we actually finished the game. Multiple times in some cases. It’s not to be an asshat, it’s just that logic would dictate we should know how this shit works better than you, especially since you are the first player in more than a decade that seems to have this trouble.