Just went through it again for the nth time. Dear god the script is so badly written. Its amazing how badly a lot of things came out, that’s not even considering noticeable and flagrant typos. Where was the QA?!? So much of it simply doesn’t make sense!!

Yeah, that really killed the game for me. It’s not just the typos and the grammatical errors. The writing is just so lazy. Every sentence ends with five exclamation points. “Ramza!!! You did not tell me you were with the Hokuten!!!” “Agrias!!! I did not mean to deceive you!!! I am with the Hokuten!!!” “It’s OK Ramza!!! I believe you!!!”

Yeah, that’s so fucking bothersome. It’s unfortunate too, cos you can tell the story is really good. I love the style, and the atmosphere, and all that; but this is one of the few games that I would say had a story that was ruined by its translation. The only other game I can remember in recent memory that had this problem was Wild ARMS 2, and that game wasn’t too much older…I think it was released in like 2000 or something.

I never really noticed. Wow, I kind of hate myself for that. I want to start playing it again just to see it even though I havn’t ever taken the time to get through the whole thing.

Defeat Dycedarg’s Elder Brother!:eek:

Sounds like a horrible experience I won’t have to sit through. Just not too big of a fan of tactic games, though I have Path of Radiance even though I think it’s really simple.

The translation didn’t ruin the story for me. But then I couldn’t even follow the plot, so it couldn’t have.

I’m not sure there was much translation work done on FFT. I recall reading somewhere that the NTSC-J version reads in English, which would explain a lot.

I just enjoy playing the game, i dont pay much attetion to the grammar. Besides, its suppose to be entertainment…mindless enjoyment…although it does take some brain to play video games…nevermind. -__-

l i t t l e m o n e y

I’m trying to finish it, actually. I’ve played it before, but got caught in the Velius battle (can’t go back to train), so deleted my file. But it’s quite a great game.

Yes. Great game, great story, second-worst translation ever. GAK.

And what would the worst be? I’m fairly sure one could find more than one translation worse than this one, sadly.

Wild ARMs 2 (SG mentioned it before) was worse, believe it or not. Besides the generally horrible tone, suitable for a fifth-grader, there were plenty of places that literally made absolutely no sense. Some of them were puzzle hints. X-X

Sure, there were worse translations, mainly on the NES/SMS and early SNES/Genesis, but none with such a large and sweeping script.

Translation yes was bad…but come on now…I’m not such a stickler on this as others…I’m a quick scroller…and really the script is not THAT bad…although…NOT AS BAD AS THE GBA version…FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! (was that an english based script…or translated…not sure??..eaither way…IT WAS CRAP…AHHHHHHH!!!)

…sorry…I passed out due to the anger…WHY WAS IT SO BAD…

But If the money was put into it…and a Real FF plot was put into it (I did like this one…but It’s alot different than the Series) I could would be very interesting…methinks…

Really…would the grammar errors change you’re outlook on the game???

It’s far, far, FAR more than simple grammatical errors.

Heaven’s wish to destroy all minds! Holy Explosion!

Sorry, but if a discussion of FFT’s dialog comes up I have to add that line in.

FFTA had a far better translation than FFT did.
And yes, if the script is THAT bad, it makes a very large impact on me. Some parts contradicted previous ones, and others were just difficult to understand.

I prefer, “Life is short…bury!”

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