FFT: Lion's War Trailer

Better good, cel-based 3D FMV included.


I’m crying tears of blood. I’m actually considering forking over the cash for a PSP just for this, even though I know I probably wont unless someone tells me there are massive changes.

Goddamnit, this is one of the two things in gaming history that I’ve actually dreamed seeing, and when it finally happens, it’s on the last platform I ever wanted to buy. GAH.

And shit, that was some good soundtrack. I never get tired of hearing these songs.


I didn’t see any onion knights. But… I must have this game nonetheless!

I haven’t felt this way since FFXII started drawing near. I can’t wait!

Agreed. What with this, FF7 Crisis Core, and the MGS series, I’m also seriously considering getting one of them. I don’t even have a DS yet. >_< Then again, I do have a job now, so I’ll have a bit more readily available cash… decisions, decisions…

And yes, there ARE Onion Knights in the new remake.

Doesn’t seem to be loading for me…

And what IS this anyway? A remake of the PS FF Tactics for the PSP?

And what role would the Onion Knights play? Do they replace an existing Job, or are they a new hidden bonus one?

Edit: Nevermind, I finally got the download to work.

The new animated scenes are nice, but why use the game’s graphic style? One of the problems I had with FFT was that the character design was too cartoony, it kept me from taking them seriously (maybe that was the idea? It’s a pretty grim story) not to mention it made everyone look alike.

Still wondering about the Onion Knights.

If you cut up an onion knight under running water you won’t cry. They’re probably one of the new jobs the trailer mentioned. I wanna know what new characters they’re adding.
And I didn’t find the art style to be too cartoony.

They’re remaking a game whose art director remains the same; why would they use a different art style? It’d be like remaking FF6 and firing Yoshitaka Amano.

Hey, stranger things have happened in the world of video game business.

Still, my problem is that I still don’t see the point of telling a story as serious as Lion War with designs like these. It’s like telling Lord of the Rings using smurfs. I always assumed that it was just a symbolic presentation, and that an update would feature much more realistic cutscenes. You know, like they did with FF III? (GREAT Job, btw!) I find it hard to empathize with these characters when they all look like sad dolls. I can’t even tell some of their genders in some cases.

I, on the other hand, really like the art. The absence of nasal cavities might be pushing it a bit during the cell-shaded movies, but I really do like the design. It doesn’t have any of the flamboyant colourful scheme that game characters typically carry, which is just right considering the story.

I really can’t believe the Yoshida that did FFT, Ogre Battle and Vagrant Story is the one who did the FFXII designs as well. What the HELL went wrong there?

I think you may have answered your own question there.

And as I said before in a previous thread; I may bite if A) they cut the loading times, and B) they offer a way of perserving one’s progress in the midist of battle.

btw. I find your Dancing Gundam quite amusing.:moogle:

I’d like the propositions to involve a little more skill to ccomplete, like a little minigame perhaps.

I’d like the Treasures and Undiscovered Lands to involve a little more incentive to complete. (Onion Knight perhaps…hmm.)

Well, the fucker wouldnt load for me, I had to go to youtube and search for it.

That’s the coolest animation style I’ve seen in a long time. It would make an excellent long running series.

I dont want to get a PSP, but this and Portable Ops… I may just have to. It will work out well when I go to college this fall.