FFL Glitch

I have been playing a Mutant SCC (Solo Character Challenge) for the past few weeks. I finally make it to Asura. After seven resets, I finally get an attack pattern that allows me to defeat him (Yeah for me).

So I step into the pitfall, and end up in the Base Town again. After Healing, I head to the tower to challenge the Fiends Redux and Creator. However, I find the door is wide open (well, at least not locked), and it leads to Floor 2, not to Gen-Bu2. FUCK!

Has anyone else encountered this glitch? Anyone know of a possible workaround? I’ve worked too hard on this playthrough to give up and start over.

I never had that happen to me. Perhaps you could try walking up the entire tower again? Usually after Ashura is defeated there is an automatic falling scene anyway. Also you could take advantage of this and buy stuff maybe. Who knows?

Kaz over on GameFAQs posted the answer to my problem. Apparently if you do not talk to Creator on floor 22, then the second Tower is not accessible. While I know for a fact that I did not talk to him this playthrough, I am shocked that I’ve always managed TO talk to him on previous playthroughs. It’s not like he has anything important to say.

BTW: Talking to him did, in fact, open the second Tower. The fact that I used the spheres before talking to him didn’t affect the game adversely, either.

Ah okay. It’s good to know the question has been answered then.