FFCompendium has been sold.

So I’ve been away for a real long time, but I figured it wouldn’t be nice for me not to say something about this.

The FFC has obviously been defunct for a good long while. Out of the blue I recently got an offer to purchase the site with the intent to modernize it and update the content. I agreed, so the site is moving off RPGC’s servers and is going to be under new ownership. I frankly have no idea how it’s going to change, but I hope it’ll be good things. (I’ve kept a backup around just in case!)

So on the off chance anyone looks at it in a few months and notices something different, this is your heads-up.

Hope everyone’s doing well.

It’s nice that it turned out to be profitable, at least! I was thinking about FFC literally just yesterday. Good to hear from you.

glad to see you’re making some dough on it! congrats man. your hard work paid off!

I’m surprised that there’s somebody [STRIKE]insane[/STRIKE] dedicated enough to current Squeenix to want to put in the money for it, since the number of FF games/movies/products/whatever have almost doubled since your last update.

That said, congrats. If only I could be so lucky as to have someone buy my website.

Congrats! Hopefully it’ll rise like a phoenix of well curated information and not like a slime monster posting lists of the 8 most annoying x or 10 best x in RPGs.

Don’t forget to give James Shaheen his 100% cut, after all it was only by his grace, hard work, and dedication that any of the content at rpgclassics exists in the first place.


or was it


whatever fuck u jim

The first one.

Surprise surprise the lawyer remembers the small little details

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not getting rich or anything off it. I was kind of shocked that anyone wanted anything for it, truth be told. But at least I made something out of it. :sunglasses:

Just you wait until you make some comment that results in me quoting a post you made from 2004.

Thought you were gonna make a dick joke

Congratulations, that is a nice payoff for you - not only the money, but it’s nice someone recognised your hard work!

Is it me or have the pop-ups gotten worse on the site?

Congrajewlations, Cid!

I was just coming back here to post how it saddens me to see this place so dead. Forums in general too, I guess. Oh well.

I was checking staff profiles for lulz since we haven’t really updated in ages. Boy, things sure have changed.

Well done, Cid.

Yep, just went back to check and now there are a whole lot more ads than there used to be. 8p Well, good luck to him, I don’t think more than a few thousand people visit that site every month now.

Well at least you got to live the American Dream of ‘Do something you like until you grow tired of it and sell it for a tidy profit.’. Sure it sucks that the site’s getting gutted like a dead fish, but there are other, more active, Final Fantasy fansites to fall back on.