FFCC: The Crystal Bearers

The game’s finally ready to come out soon for the Wii. The second Trailer explains the story.

Original Trailer

New Trailer(Updated URL)

I still think that the first half of that video had some of the most inappropriate music going, but everything else is swell (and good timing too since the Wii can’t keep up the charade of having more than five games much longer).

Nice to know that it still exists.

TSG 2009 Trailer

*Layle: Darrel Guilbeau
*Belle: Elle Deets
*Keiss: David Vincent (Grimmjow, Bleach)

  • Amidatelion: Caitlin Glass (Winry, Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Althea Sol Alfiraria : Carrie Savage (Cissei, FF7 Crisis Core)
  • Vegran: Michael McConnohie (Charles zi Britanna, Code Geass)
  • Cid: Doug Stone (Guame, Gurren Legann)
  • Vaigali" Joe DiMussi
  • Blaze: Matthew Mercer (Cid, Chocobo Dungeon)

The game’s out now. Here’s an opening movie. The full main cast is listed in the last post.

The top two videos were taken off. >_<

But the last one looks awesome. I don’t much like heroes with an “even falling from the sky doesn’t bother me!” attitude, but it looks fun to play.

Wil: Fixed one of them. But to note, Layle’s a seasoned hero so that “even falling from the sky doesn’t bother me!” is expected. But the game has ALOT of promise story-wise and game-play wise.

It’s more or less getting panned as an unplayable mess. Pass.