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Ok, if Seph is in it, I was wondering what role people thought he might play: 1) Freed from Jenova’s grasp and wants to kill her. Got that idea from the way the last fight isn’t really a fight. 2) Villain returned for revenge but too weak to get it himself so uses the SHM. or 3)Still a slave to Jenova. Personally I think probably number 2, because I can’t imagine a plausible lead into 1 and just don’t like 3. Comments anyone?

It is the original Game music, and YES ITS LOOKING SO F…F… F… Freakin’ GREAT

here you see, Seph is a tall boy:


and look at that nice double bladed Katana:


and a nice pic of Kadaj and Cloakie


It looks like it’s going to be a pretty dark kind of film. Can’t wait to see it.

me either, cant get enough of that wonderfull Duff ahem Stuff

In one of the screenshots you see the three SHM standing in the middle of a crowd of children. I’m wondering, are these other, newer versions of Seph, meaning babies that were injected with Jenova cells while still in the womb.

hey that’s a good idea. If they did it to sephiroth, they can do it to more people. Maybe that’s why Yazoo Kadaj and Loz look so much like Sephiroth.