I’m just started/got to Dollet FF8 on my PC…

I would Like to be able use every one in Every one in the Final Battle not Sacfice one to bring some else out. I would Like to have every GF. I Think I should “Lock” a GF on to a character and just Move magic until I have over 70 on each characters.

I have Qusetizotal on Selphie, Shiva on Squall and Ifrit on Zell. I planning to give Siren to Riona in the long term and Diablos and Brothers to Quitis and Irvine later.

How do you get the Chocobo GF and when is the earlest that I can? I heard I need to find Mog in Chocobo World for the Moggle GF.

I’ll be getting Diablos as I can.

I think to get the Chocobo summon, you need to play Chocobo World. Not sure how on the PC version. And the earliesr you can get into that, is once you’ve caught a chocobo, which is when Balamb Garden becomes mobile, I do believe.

But I’m not really sure about any of this, since I don’t have the PC version. Hope this helps.

You do not get chocobo nor mog (nor moomba :I) as a junctionable GF, only as items.

Gysahl Greens for summoning Chocobo.
Friendship for summoning Moomba.

Mog Armlet teaches the MiniMog ability that, well, summons MiniMog. Guh. Restores all HP to GF, cost some gil, methinks?

Never beat eight before…never played the pc version…is it better than the PS version?


Funniest. Misspell. Ever.

Cid, It written as I think It sounds… (I didn’t have the name to copy) Was the name of the GF from a Aztec God?

The PC Version, so far I’ve Played is Almost Identical, Exept for you don’t need a type of Memory card from Japan, simlar to the Dreamcast Memory. You just have load up a small program that has music that I think the PS1 mem card didn’t.

Cid, what do think as Long Term stratergy?

thank you, I need to get eight…so I am going to hunt down the pc version

It’s the only copy I’ve seen, Some had Sold FF8 that same morning in store, I knowing how rare it accualy is, imedatly raided the bank after placing it beind the counter.

Since I am in England, My PS1 has the “PAL Window” which appears in almost all Square Games on the Playstation and Playstation 2 games.

I had the PC version, but my computer was a little on the slower side. However, I miss Chocobo World. :smiley:

Yes Quezacotl is if i remember correctly, square had to shorten the name of the GF because Quetzalcoatl all wouldn’t fit. Quetzalcoatl is both an Aztec and a Toltec god.

it is also the largest of the now extinct flying reptiles aka pteranadons, possibly the inspiration for said dieties (since it is quite possible that some survived until a few centuries ago)

as for the gfs: moomba moogle and chocobo, mabatsekker has it right, but the only place to get friendship items is through the minigame, when used the moomba summon does maxx damage (9999) unless the target only has 9999 hp, if so it does 9998 dmg leaving the target with 1 hp, very useful for turning monsters into items :wink:

there is a kind of cheat to get unlimited items from the chocobo minigame, but it sorta ruins the play experience so i won’t tell you.

kinda sucks that my ff8pc was stolen, i wouldn’t mind playing it again. :frowning: