FF7 Submarine

My cousin had the red submarine and I have the grey submarine.

What’s the difference? If you get the Master Materia, you get the grey one, and if you don’t, you get the red one?

No difference to my knowledge…you need to dive down anyways later on for sidequests and whatnot so I can’t see them withholding anything due to the fact that you suceed in getting the Master materia or not…

I have never heard of getting a red sub to drive around, i know that you kill one to get the huge materia and get it from there later, but i have always gotten a grey one.

Mine’s always been red. Never heard of a grey sub.

If you win the very first submarine game at the underwater reactor, you’ll get the red sub. If not, you’ll get the gray sub. I think that’s how it works, anyway.

I won the minigame and got the gray sub, and I was shooting down the red one in the minigame.

Then it’s the other way round, sorry.

I thought that when you lost the sub battle at junon that you didnt get a sub…

No, the Huge Materia gets away if you lose the game. But you have to TRY to lose the game. 8)

You can also lose Huge Materia by:

  • Running out of time during the Mt. Corel train scene

  • Losing the Fort Condor battle against Commander Grand Horn

  • Not inputting the password in on the Shinra Number 26 rocket in time.

As a note on what Dalton said, can you just purposefully lose the Condor strategy battle then beat Grand Horn in combat and still get the materia?

Indeed you can.

Yep. I never won a single one of those games without fighting the commander. Why on earth would I waste all that Gil? 8p

…I bet in the Japanese version it wasn’t like that.

Well i beaten FF7 so if yall need help ask me

Um, like notice when the last post was made and then ask ure self if this isnt a necropost…

Besides that there is a forum specificly for the FF series.