FF7 sequel is an anime film

Just in case someone hadn’t posted it here already, the sequel for FF7 is a film. Most of the characters are still there and the villains are all new as far I know. There is one who is covered by a cloak who could be Sephiroth. Anyway, it’s called FF7 Advent Children for anyone who wants to check it out.

Sorry it is not an anime.

It’s completely CG with live action recording for the majority of the shots.

and that guy in black is called Kadaj, he has a Katana with two blades. But Sephiroth appears also in the trailor

(By the way, Clouds bike is called Fenrir which i think is a really cool name)

How many people feel the need to “announce” Advent Children THIS LATE?

Welcome to last year!!

This is a gaming forum how could we not know?

And yes, three bishouen named Kadaj Yazoo and Loz. Those facts aren’t really secret anymore, since we know a lot of the characters appearing and all of that.

Sorry Darkness, but unless you jst woke up from a comma that lasted a few years, this is old news. And the movie is no where near anime. The newest thing I have heard is that instead of being only sixty minutes, it will be full length, so probably an hour in a half, to two hours.

Yea I know. But I had state exams and stuff so I only found out about a month ago. Kinda sucks to find out it’s been around for about a year.

But aren’t exams the same as going into a coma?

pretty much. I didn’t even start posting until last Saturday. After exams which ended mid-June I was holiday for most of the time. Stupid coma inducing exams.

If pecola was considered anime, i guess you could call this anime

Well, in theory… It is animation of a media done by Japanese artists… so… kinda… However, the style that has become associated with the term “Anime” has shot the idea of good CG getting dumped into that category. I mean, in the end, aside from being made by japanese artists, theres not much about this that screams otaku… other than the FF7 part of it.

They could turn this around and make a series out of it. Give it to Sci\Fi channel.

It doesnt have to be otaku to be anime