FF7 PS4 Remake Confirmed

Oh shit

Yep. Squeenix has finally jumped the shark on this one.

Well, its been an okay run as an old Squaresoft fan (the first half was good, the second half, not so much).

On the other hand, Sony crushed it this year, even in the face of basically confirming that the Vita is dead (they really should’ve given it a less ironic name).

Bleh. I really wanna be happy about this, but I’m already seeing this “remade” with an FF13-style combat system, tie-ins to the egregious movie and sequels, or additional new dungeons that I don’t give a crap about. Final Fantasy 7 was a good game - dry localization notwithstanding - and I wish people would leave well-enough alone.

Yeah, I’m gonna wait for reviews on this one.

Also, I don’t own a PS4 and have no intentions of getting one at this time, so there’s that. :V

Did you play Crisis Core? I’m picturing something more like an amalgamation of that and what we’ve seen from the XV demo. Hell, even if they leave it with the ATB, I’m ok with that as long as we’re done with random encounters.

Me neither, though it looks to be a timed exclusive, so I imagine it’ll have a PC release.

Crisis Core doesn’t inspire confidence.

My wife wants the game meaning I’m going to have to buy a PS4 at some point now >_<

I’m hoping the game is much like the original just with better graphics. That’s too much to ask for I’m sure.

Honestly I’m not sure that’s what I would want from it. Final Fantasy VII was a very good game, but it had deep flaws, too. If it winds up as nothing more than a high-resolution remake, then although it will be very popular, it won’t have anything really going for it, either.

Of course, they could go the other direction, and make it too much like the newer Final Fantasies, and especially 13. Squeenix has made a lot of mistakes in the last two decades, and the worst thing they could do now is remake their most popular game ever, with every single thing they’ve done wrong, included.

I think the reason they held off remaking it this long is because they knew they had a lot to live up to, and weren’t sure they were up to the task.



They held off for so long because they’re cooking their Golden Egg laying Goose and those are fricken hard to replace. Its like one of those party tricks you can only perform once because you ended up blowing yourself to smithereens just to pull it off.

Also, they’re gonna make it play like Dirge of Cerberus (with obscene amounts of loading everywhere and no install option), while Lightning will somehow show up (by taking a train from not-France) and Caius Ballad will be the new bonus boss fight that’s harder than all of the WEAPONs combined (due to being the most powerful FF villain EVAR!1!.. ::dekar!::). Also there will be tutorials unlocking game mechanics up until you reach the game’s equivalent of the Calm Lands, the world map will be replaced with a variant of the Calm Lands, the party will be constantly shuffling around with each other until said final tutorial, all towns will be replaced with menus (outside of Midgar due to being mostly dungeon), treasure chests will only have a slight percent chance of containing anything worth a damn (and the best chests only have a low percent of even showing up in the first place), the previous version of Chocobo Racing will be replaced with FFX’s version (the Breeding will still be in but three times as convoluted), the bike racing minigame will be replaced with a lightning dodging minigame, the Submarine minigame will be replaced by Blitzball, the Snowboard minigame will remain intact, Triple Triad will be replaced with Tetra Master, Summons will now have their own HP bars, attack power, levels, abilities, ATB gauges, affinities with your PCs, animations that are 5 times as long and resets the Stagger Gauge upon departure; enemy levels scale (and have far better stat gains than your guys), you’ll have to beat up your own guys as the only means to have a random chance to build stats, certain stats do little or nothing, the endgame will be littered with enemies that’ll spam high accuracy insta-death spells, have HP draining attacks that drain based upon a flat percentage (and healing spells drop off a cliff in terms of effectiveness) and will split when attacked (though these start showing up by midgame); spells themselves need to be leveled up through individual use on top of raising the Materia they’re tied to, KotR runs on the combined level of every spell in the game to do non-craptastic damage, equipment can’t be equipped until you reach the point on a characters sphere board that permits them to wear said gear, same with spells and abilities, enemies drop loot instead of Gil, equipment isn’t bought in shops but need to be upgraded through materials in some kind of obtuse system, Disk Three’s events will have exactly one save point (and no world map saving) and every location in the game aside from the final dungeon and the resident super dungeon will be on permanent lockdown for some BS reason, the final boss fight requires you to fight through one final additional dungeon and a gauntlet of high powered bosses and enemies to weaken enough to beat (and again, no saves), you’ll have an obnoxious Moogle pestering you throughout most of the game, certain commands will be so busted that they’ll cause Save Data wiping glitches if used incorrectly (it’ll nuke your trophies too), everyone’s gonna look like they just crawled out from Advent Children but with even more designer brand threads all over everyone, for $20 IRL bux, you can revive Aerith (her name will be spelled Aerith instead of Aeris and the first rename card shows up at the start of Disk 2), Aerith, Tifa and Yuffie will be reduced to unplayable NPCs and you can only bring Aerith to the Gondola Ride. :mwahaha:

But will there be gratuitous Chocobo breeding?

There’s just one problem with all of that, Killmore.

Triple Triad was in FF8.


I don’t want them to change anything. I just want a graphics/sound update. I still want the ATB,

The only thing I can think of that I’d want changed is maybe add more games to the Golden Saucer, because farming those games for points/tickets got old after awhile.

I had thought about replacing the Snowboarding game with Tetra Master, but the snowboarding game was pretty awful to begin with so there really wasn’t a point of ditching that. Then again, even Snowboarding had the benefit of watching Cloud constantly slam himself into trees, snowmen, Moogles and ice cliffs at 400+ km/h with the added effect of launching whatever he slammed into outside of the ice cliffs (including the trees). I suppose that I should’ve ditched the lazor coster ride for Tetra Master instead (but I forgot that was even a thing when I made that wall’o’post).

So, we’ve come full circle. Shame no one’s clamouring for a FF VI remake with lavish spritework.

Sony’s PRpeople earned their salary this week.

The only thing that would make FFVI better is if they added some modicum of challenge to it. Otherwise, it was perfect.

And do something about having everyone but the two bonus characters grind out every spell while collecting stat boosts. Because not only having guys like Musta Bushido throwing out spells like Meteor, Pearl, Ultima, Cure 3, Life 2 and Quick like everyone else was being pretty goofy; but also because it made using Mog and the Thamsa trio harder to use since they take so long to permanently join up, they just kinda end up as squad filler or permabenched on the airship since their spell selections usually suck (you can get tier 1 stuff like Fire and Cure easily enough, but outside of Relm and maybe Strago, characters generally don’t have enough oomph in their Magic Power to do a hell of a lot with them by The Floating Continent, let alone when they might actually join; tier 2 stuff is functional by endgame but there’s still only 2 Espers that teach tier 3 elemental magic and both of them take forever to show up and teach them very slowly).

I’ve been running natural magic games for so long I actually hadn’t thought about that. It’s still far too easy, but after several dozen playthroughs, it makes the game a little more interesting, and the characters a little more unique.

Which was pretty much where FFVII fell flat. :V Materia made for endless flexibility, but it also took away any semblance of uniqueness to the characters. I always wound up using Tifa because I liked her limit breaks, and Yuffie because I thought she was cute. :V

Hey, might just be a matter of time.