FF7 Levels

i got kiled trying to beat Gi Nattak in cosmo Canyon.

i later rebeat him thought

but i am starting to have trouble wiht the regular enemies too.
can someone help me with what level you are support to be at cosmo canyon and nibelheim?


Basically, if you just kick a lot of enemy ass and then buy all the best armor and weapons and materia that are available up to that point in the game, you should be just fine, even if you are a bit under levelled.

I felt very stupid when I found out you could kill natak with a single phoenix down! Just one turn! And I had to fight him for half an hour because I didn’t notice he is undead. Anyway, finding good weapons really worked for me, try to rediscover “the shop” as I did.

There’s a similiar underwater zombie dragon thing in FFX that you also could defeat in just one turn with a Phoenix down or go through a long and difficult process of taking forever to beat him :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t like using phoenix downs on undead enemies. I always fight them out the hard way.

And yes, that even includes the Dark King from MQ. Took a helluva long time, but I did it.

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
[b]I don’t like using phoenix downs on undead enemies. I always fight them out the hard way.

And yes, that even includes the Dark King from MQ. Took a helluva long time, but I did it. [/b]

Yeah it feels quite dirty but

a couple of times in FFX bosses used the same technique, inflicting zombie and then casting life on you

so I think it’s fair enough.

By taking forever, do you mean he dies in like two attacks anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:
(Assuming one of those attacks is an Attack Reels)

Zolom you are not the only person to ever to that, since the first time I played the game I did not realise either. On the second time (using a walkthrough) a had a much easier time, although I still do not like using the phoenix down method. I’m happy to use Cure spells, but not Phoenix downs!!

Getting back to the many topic, just one thing to change about Eva’s advice, when equip materia, make sure you get good combinations. Since materia does have it’s down side, so make sure you have the right set up, weapons, and armour, and you should do fine!!

i really dont worry about the materia combinations
nor the armor, i have/had the best possible

and i almost had him beat too
i just need move hp and mp

which you get through leveling

ps im at nibelheim and cloud is lv 30 (highest)

Originally posted by zolom
[b]Yeah it feels quite dirty but

a couple of times in FFX bosses used the same technique, inflicting zombie and then casting life on you

so I think it’s fair enough. [/b]


coughcoughJecht, Yu Yevon, just about everyone coughcough

Does anyone plan on answering his question?

You just have to be at the point where you can take on enemies around the area quite easily. Don’t judge by levels. If you can’t manage your resources, you’ll need higher levels. Judge yourself on basic battles instead.

Thats what i said

i have the BEST armor and weapons possible and materia

some of the materia is even in lv 3 already

but i am still getting the shit beat out of me in the basic battles

PS how did you all get “Killing undead creatures with phonix downs and cure spells” out of me saying that i had lost to and then rebeat Gi Nattak??

It was a segue into easier battle tactics with undead bosses.


Ehm… I’d be happy to give away my personal view on needed levels throughout the game…

In this list, I’ll always mention Cloud’s level, assuming the others are very close or the same as he is.

Fighting Rufus, end of Shinra Building, end of Midgar:
Minimum Level: 10 or 11
My Opinion: 15 or 16 is easy possible. I’ve made it here once with level 24…

Fighting Jenova on the Shinra Boat to Costa Del Sol:
Minimum Level: 12 or 13
My Opinion: 18 or 19 can be achieved quite easily if you hang around Chocobo Farm a while. My best reach here was 32…

Fighting Gi Nattak In CC:
Minimum Level: 15 or 16
My Opinion: Level 21 or 22 is easy here, and Materia on level 2 makes this a cookie… Just bring a lot of ethers, anyways… My best level here was 38…

Fighting Materia Keeper in Mount Nibel:
Minimum Level: 18 or 19
My Opinion: Level 25 makes things a lot easier, and is easy to reach, especially if you wanna get some serious experience out of the numerous groups of enemies here. My best level here was 46.

Fighting Red Dragon in Temple of the Ancients:
Minimum Level: 24 or 25
My Opinion: Level 32 or so should be within your reach if you train a bit around Wutai, against those grass guys. My best level was 55 here.

Fighting Jenova at the end of CD1
Minimum Level: 28 or 30
My Opinion: It would be good to have Level 40 around here, not because of Jenova but because things pace up quickly on CD2, giving you ample time to build up a lot. My best here was Level 64.

Fighting Jenova in Whirlwind Maze
Minimum Level: 40 or 41, although 20 would be enough for this lame boss.
My opinion: If you followed the previous list, level 45 would be good to have around here. Level 50 is quite possible as well. My best here was level 68.

Fighting Ultimate Weapon in Mideel:
Minimum Level: 55-60
My Opinion: You could have level 60 here with ease ifyou train around Mideel. My best level here was 76.

Fighting Diamond Weapon near Midgar:
Minimum Level: 65-70, though 50 would be enough.
My Opinion: A weak boss, but fun to punish down to a crisp… i had KotR here, and it made it too easy already… My best level was 90.

Fighting Lifeform Hojo at the end of CD2:
Minimum Level: 65-70… He ain’t that though, if you come protected
My Opinion: The worst i ever had here was level 42, and two Ribbons equipped, and I kicked his ass. He ain;t that tough without his status magic. My best here was level 99.

Well, CD3 is up for grabs after this.

My fastest beat on Sephiroth was with Level 36… And NO KotR…




this is what i wanted

i am currently lv 32 (cloud) just after rocket town

you’re welcome :wink:

feel free to ask me any time you like.

Level 32 right after Rocket Town makes the next thing you come across quite easy. From this point on, take an eye on building your Limit Breaks, since they can become very important in the next few challenges.

(you will encounter a boss without your materia, and later on a boss who is almost oblivious to all magic)

Building Limits is done by using them a certain amount of time, or reaching the level that is minimum for that attack.

To reach the second Level one limit, use the previous one seven times… If you wait until you get it by level, he oftenly skips it.

To reach level two, use the second of level one seven times…
Or get to level 20-25 or so… depends per character. this does not work for cait sith.

to reach the second of level two, use the first one six times.

To reach level 3, use the second of level two five or six times, which depends on the character. most fighters reach it in six, while mages need five. (mages are, in my opinion, aeris, vincent, and red xiii falls into this field as well)

To reach the second of level 3, use the first one five or six times, which, once again, depends on the character, exactly like above.

The Level 4 Limit Break is an item. If you got Vincent, you also got the item Cosmo Memory. This item can be given to Red XIII after he has gotten ALL six other Limit Breaks.
This goes for all characters: each has his own item, except for Cait Sith who doesn’t have anything beyond level 2.

Hope that’s helpful, I seen some people struggle with their Limit Breaks skipping one and all that quite some times… if you miss one, don’t sweat, you can still get it by resetting it back to the level you need and following my guide up here :smiley:

Quick question OWA, why did you say 60-75 is the minimum level for the Hojo fight?

I don’t even think I was on that a high a level, when I last finished the game, and that includes beaten both weapons!!

Like I said: I’ve beaten him once with level 42 and two ribbons without taking one hit back… He isn’t that troublesome if you can fend off his status attacks.

That high level ranking I mentioned is only a logical build-up in comparision to the rest of the list, not the minimum you need, but just a ‘you can’t lose’- insurance.