FF7-AC Trailer ^_^

Compliments of Sorc.

<a href=“http://agora.rpgclassics.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=13105”>Not sure if it’s the same, but there are TOO MANY FFVII:AC THREADS. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!</a>

Bah, for some reason my Mozilla cached the forum page even though the frikkin thing has a nocache tag in it.

Hey, think of it this way: More FFVII:AC goodness for the fanbois and -gurls. :stuck_out_tongue:

And you should die for that avvie.

the vid i linked to is 12mb and the same quality - this one is 44 mb…so check the other link, as long as it lasts. i have a feeling that guy will exceed his bandwidth soon.

edit: this link might be dead now…


Wow, looks pretty good.

Originally posted by Cala
And you should die for that avvie.


And what does AC stand for?

Advent Children

How do I run a .rar extension?

Get WinRAR.


Summer 2004? And that’s for Japan too… sigh

Advent… hasn’t that got something to do with those four candles you light every sunday four weeks before X-mass until it’s X-mass ???

All I get is gibberish. Guess I need the right program to see it. WinRAR you say?

And Advent means “arrival” And yes, it is usually meant to refer to the coming of Christ, but I highly doubt that’s the meaning here.

Originally posted by |Damage|
Advent… hasn’t that got something to do with those four candles you light every sunday four weeks before X-mass until it’s X-mass ???

Kind of like the Matrix has something to do with problems you do in Algebra II. “Advent” means “beginning”, or literally “coming to.” It makes sense, since the end of FFVII marks a sort of new beginning. The movie is about people who are involved in this advent; they’re “advent children.”

I just watched the preview. Suddenly, Square seems a lot cooler than in has in a long time.


Edit: “Arrival” is a good definition too. I just clicked reply before that response was there.
Edit 2: Added second paragraph.

  • Pats his 56K which is crying after even trying to download it *

Don’t worry dude, I still love you.

Is it just me or does Cloud seem a whole lot more Japanese now that he looks “real”?

Come on download go go go go. I hope this works.:cool:

WOAH This is weird it downloaded and did nothing. Guess it means I need winmar or whatever. Better get downloading again.

DAMN THE SCHOOL COMPUTER!!! Guess I got to wait until I get home. That sucks. And you notice I didnt reply like three times to save space just added to this. :cool:

if it’s not working, you might need the divx codec, which you can find here:

just click on where it says Standard DivX Codec(FREE) below the chart.

DAMN! I so want to watch this! But I downloaded it and it says that 1. Unkown method and 2. No files to extract.