FF6 Shrine incomplete :(

I love following the guides on RPGShrine. Currently am almost completing FF6 by following the guide on: http://shrines.rpgclassics.com/snes/ff6/walkthrough/

Then I noticed, the walkthrough isn’t even completed! The final fight Kefka is missing! Please can someone find out whether the URLs missing and salvage the missing pages. I need to complete this game RPGShrine style!

Frankly if you need help fighting Kefka, you probably shouldn’t be playing video games. He’s the only final boss I’ve ever seen that can be one-shotted. :V

Also, Zepp has never, and will never, finish any task he is given. :V

I know this is a dead forum but Shin don’t be a dick

Sorry. :confused:

I’ve played FFVI too much.

In all fairness though, Shin’s right. Don’t expect the FFVI shrine to ever get finished.

Especially since now you’ve got the Advanced and Android ports to contend with (and even if you didn’t, there’s still the matter of why bother at this point).

Rereading some of that walkthrough makes it so…period-attached. I can’t even imagine a walkthrough using phrasing like this nowadays.

But that’s what makes it so amusing, perhaps.

Hey, that kind of walkthrough is what made RPGC thrive in its prime. Back when the shrines were regular and the KFC bathroom sex jokes were rampant.

Setz. :V

Zeppelin does not love America enough, that’s why the FFVI Shrine will never be finished.

Which phrases were you referring to?

One such example: http://shrines.rpgclassics.com/snes/ff6/walkthrough/walkr12.shtml

In the middle of the night, three little demons disguised as children named Moe, Larry, and Curley (unintentional misspelling or evading paying royalties? You decide) come out and jump into Cyan’s bed. Come on Celes, you dirty babe, make it a fivesome!

Wouldn’t see THAT in the Prima Games strategy guide.