FF5 Trainer Control and Harpy Question plz help

hiya, i am playing FF5 ( anthology ) and it seems i am doing something wrong when it comes to the trainer job. i gained the “control” ability but whenever i use it, the monster just stands still. i have a blue mage on standby with the “learn”
ability, but the special attacks are not coming. like, in one walkthrough it said “go to the gillacats ( or something like that ) use control on them and then make them use float on you”. how do i do that ? i never get the option to have them cast float. when it’s my trainer’s turn again, i just have the option to control again, or catch, or fight, etc. i must be doing something wrong…
btw, my blue mage mastered this job, do i still have to equip “learning” if i want to learn something new, or can i fill the empty slot with a different ability and will i learn a new blue magic trick automatically ?

now to harpy, i am lvl 24 and i still get my butt kicked by that little guy. he absorbs everything and pure physical attacks always miss. what can i do, equip, to beat him ?

thanks for helping me !

The float ability in question isn’t a Blue Magic spell, but rather, a spell you can’t otherwise cast at that point of the game. It’s probably recommended to be used on yourself due to an enemy that uses Earth elemental attacks. I also wonder if it’s control that was in question, but catch, rather. Catch means you can hold an enemy and then release it so it’ll unleash a spell later on. Gala Cats were cats with wings, right? So float seems like an effect they could use.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to keep Learning equipped if you want to learn new Blue spells. You can circumvent this by changing another character to a Blue Mage after you’ve mastered it with one character :wink: Those domino masked guys rule after a few certain spells have been learned. Although the default class does inherit the learning ability once you’ve mastered Blue Mage…

Also, I’m not sure which enemy is the harpy in question, but would it happen to be the chimera-like thing that casts Aqua Breath/Aqualung/Aqua Rake/Water spell with lots of bubbles? Which part of the game are you in?

hey, thanks for your super fast answer :slight_smile:

the way i understand it, is, that certain spells are just released by monsters, after/when i control them. one strategy guide says: “You probably won’t be able to learn Off-Guard from him since you need to have the Beastmaster’s Control ability. It is a Level 2 skill and requires 60 abp to learn. Do learn it as quickly as possible because you need it to learn many of the better blue magic spells.”

i used control on that monster, but it just stood there, didn’t do any special attack. i must be doing something wrong or maybe i missunderstand something.
like that one monster, it doesn’t do the off guard unless i have control. i have control, i cast it, and it still doesn’t throw off guard at me :slight_smile:

so, when you say…Although the default class does inherit the learning ability once you’ve mastered Blue Mage… does that mean, with a master blue mage guy, i don’t extra have to equip learning ? can i use that slot for something else and still learn a new spell ? ( i am a little slow, it’s late in alaska and i am getting tired )
or do you mean, no, even a master has to equip learning in order to learn ?

i got the aqua rake or whatever is called from the chimera thingy in the desert. now i am level 24 and i just fought the soul cannon. tomorrow i will try to beat ghidra.

harpy is the little imp looking guy in the basement of walz castle. where you find three pots and the elven cloak. he only has 600 hp, but all my magic heals him and physical stuff misses all the time. when he hits, he packs a punch, wow, like 1400 hp and down i go…

That Harpy’s meant to be an encounter you won’t be able to win at this point of the game (Or at all? Correct me if I’m wrong.) A Thief’s Flee ability should keep your casualties at minimum.

Unfortunately, if you use any other class than the default class/Blue Mage after mastering Blue Mage, you’ll need to equip the Learning ability :confused:

Here’s a rather extensive guide of Blue Magic if you want to cheat a little bit and get your Azure Sorcery done as soon as possible; Guard Off was mentioned being obtainable in the Ancient Library, with Control, so…


When you use Control, you have to skip turns (Probably Triangle or Square to skip, or just defend) until the person who had used Control’s turn comes up again, and their command list will be replaced with the command list of the monster. Now when that comes up, just command them to use Guard Off (or whichever skill you want to learn) on the Blue Mage or Learner.

You may just be missing. Control doesn’t always work.

i will try to collect all the missing blue magic later on today, i will follow the list you gave me, mabatsekker. i just glanced at it and there’s really a lot of great info.
thanks for the link !!

@sohee: see ! i knew, i did something wrong. i never skipped turns or defended until it was the trainer’s turn again. so when i play i will try that out, hopefully the monster’s abilities will come up this time. thanks !

@cidolfas, yeah, i noticed, that sometimes nothing at all happened, other times it said “controlled” and the moster stood still, so i knew i suceeded. ( just the list didn’t come up, but hopefully that will change now, since i’m gonna try out the skip/defend trick.