FF5 Question

I am playing FF5 now, and I just got the first set of job classes. I’ve never played 5 before, so I apologize if this is a dumb question.

Galuf attacks twice when barehanded. Why, exactly? Is he the only one that can do this? When I equipped him with a weapon, he no longer struck twice. I tried giving him two weapons, but he couldn’t hold two. So I made him a monk, keeping the double attack in effect. Are there other job classes that let him strike twice?

The Ninja Class, which you get later, lets you equip two weapons at once. Other than that, no, barefisted is the only way. Anyone can attack twice when they are uneqipped weapons. Galuf just comes that way in the beginning.

It’s pretty logical if you think about it. The number of times you can attack is equal to the number of weapons you can hold (bare hands count as a weapon). If you hold a sword, you either have the strength to hold it in one hand or have to hold it with two hands, or you can hold a sword and shield.

Fighting with two weapons isn’t easy, too. Fighting with two equal weapons is even harder. The most common way to fight two-handed is usually with, say, a rapier or a saber, and a smaller blade like a dirk. The sword would be used to parry attacks, while the dirk dealt the blow. At least, I think that’s how it worked. I dunno, been a while.

Miyamoto Musashi’s Ni-ten Ichi-ryu worked somewhat like that, only backwards. The larger blade (Katana) was used for attacking while the shorter (Wakizashi) was for defending.

Yeah, I might have the two mixed up.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure you always parry with the short blade and attack with the long one.

Think about it. If you parry with the longer blade, then the short blade might not reach your opponant when you counterattack.

If you parry with the short blade, then your enemy is going to be nice and close when you stab him with your sword.

They also have a weapon, not sure what it is called, that is a small shield (about 1 foot diameter) and it has a short blade coming out of it, sometimes on both ends. Thats a good parrying weapon.

The small shield is called a buckler, I believe. I don’t know if the name is completely different due to the blades, or if it’s just called a spiked buckler or something. (In Dynasty Warriors 4, Cao Ren uses a weapon they call a buckler blade, which seems to be like what you’re talking about)