ff5 job question

as soon as i get the begining jobs in ff5 i made
galuf=black mage
faris=blue mage
lenna/reina=white mage
so when i get these jobs ill just keep battleing until the job skill is maxed out right?
my question is after these four jobs what other jobs would i use?

You can do that, but it’d be better to try out different jobs, because you can mix and match your job skills that way and get much more efficient battlers.
I haven’t played FF5 in ages, so I’ll let someone else answer your second question.

The handiest jobs to max are Caller, Dragoon, and Jikuu (Time) mage. Berserker can also be very handy - if you’re in need of a lot of power quickly.
I’m actually playing right now… Just have one question - what would be the best way to go about killing Twin Tania?


Twin Tania is weak against holy elementals, so equip a WhiteMage with the Sage Staff and have them cast Holy each turn they are not recovering the party. Have a Knight use the Exalibur with the two-handed ability. Equip a Lancer with the White/Holy lance for big damage, too. Another good class is the TimeMage casting slow, haste2, meteor, and helping heal the party.

My four best characters:

Bartz - ‘Bare job’ with mastered Knight, Samurai, Lancer, and Ninja classes.

That girl - Mime job with mastered BlackMage, Summoner, BlueMage, and RedMage classes.

Reina - Mime job with mastered WhiteMage, TimeMage, Chemist, and RedMage classes.

Faris - ‘Bare job’ with mastered Ninja, Thief, BlueMage, and Hunter classes.

-Never underestimate the power of the Hunter’s SuperShot. This can be very powerful with a Knight or Samurai that has two swords/katanas equiped. Since a Samurai has a high criticle hit% with katanas, they will almost always have one when they use SuperShot.

-Lancer with two Dragoon Lances using jump on a dragon…enough said. This will kill almost any dragon there is with one or two turns.

-Chemists are great to have for their 2x effect with recovery items, which can be pretty useful in the latter half of the game.

-Yes, Meteor may seem like an all-powerful spell, but it is almost completely based on luck, so damage tends to vary. Flare and Holy are more efficient, in my opinion. NEVER underestimate the power of gravity spells like Demi; they can be extremely helpful in taking out monsters with high defenses.