FF4's differences on the WonderSwan

FFIV is about to go Featured Article status on Wikipedia thanks to the combined efforts of WP:Final Fantasy. But we need to get a reference for the differences in the WonderSwan version. I’m having a living hell of a time finding any kind of static webpage that lists the differences. For instance, we have to back up claims like “the WSC version’s difficulty differed from the hardtype/easytype” and things like that. If you can be of help, we’d totally appreciate it. Here’s the article, in case you’re curious:

I do have a copy of the WSC ROM floating around somewhere, but unfortunately I never had the patience to actually play it through. I suggest e-mailing Mr. Saturn and/or Hiryuu, who are by far the biggest experts on FF4 I know. You can find their e-mails on the RPGClassics staff page.

Thanks; this’ll be the last easy FF featured article save for FF9 and FF12. The others are going to require a lot of research and translation.

Well, feel free to ask here about those as well. :sunglasses: Anything already released is pretty much fair game, with the exception of Before Crisis, which I couldn’t emulate. ^^;

go here they have a TON of stuff, you may find what you ar5e looking for.


Good lord… you do know that that’s the site attached to this forum, no? And that page has absolutely nothing to do with what he asked?

sorry wasn’t paying attention. my mind was thinking that was something else, thanks for pointing that out.