FF4DS: US Update

The remake’s coming here by the end of July.

Confirmed VAs
-Cecil Harvey: Yuri Lowenthal (Reks, FFXII; Sasuke, Naruto)
-Rosa: Karen Strassman (Momo, Bleach)
-Kain Highwind: Liam O’Brien (Red XIII, FF7; Gaara, Naruto)
-Edward: Sam Riegel (Clovis, Code Geass; Donatello, 4Kids TMNT)
-Tellah: Dwight Schultz (Machen, FFX series)
-Palom: Megan Harvey
-Yang: Dan Worren
-Cid: Jack Synder

-KluYa: Ralph Lister
-Cagnazzo: Michael McConnohie (Enma, Naruto)

Maybe (Personal Impression)

  • Rydia: Julie Ann Taylor (Milly Ashford, Code Geass)
  • Porom: Colleen O’Shaughnessey (Ino, Naruto; Sora, Digimon)
  • Golbez: Corey Burton (Megatron, TF Animated)
  • Anna: Kate Higgens (Sakura, Naruto)

“copy and paste” linx

US Trailer

The Destruction of Mist

Cagnazzo’s Revenge

We better have voice work in the Tellah/Edward battle and we better hear the old man shout ‘You Spoony Bard!’ :smiley:

A comparsion between Advance and DS versions.

I’m not exactly sure i like the new look. But I’m extremely biased and see the characters as looking and sounding rather different than this, so I prefer the odler form that lets me imagine for myself.


Can’t stop loving FINAL FANTASY 4…:enguard:
And Chrono Trigger drools!

Also I got all (well, almost all) guitar tabs of Final Fantasy, and other games XD

Contact me!!! :3

The game’s out now! A few points to aid…

Eidolons are the names of summons, with a personal Eidolon(Like Mist Dragon or Whyt) similar to the Daemons from the Golden Compass.

Cagnazzo’s title is the “Drowned King” it would seem.