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…is complete. Although it was excruciatingly boring at times, the best part was figuring out the complete story from the full script and the Clan Primer. I really didn’t appreciate just how tight and concise the script is. It’s a surprisingly deep and complex story - not in terms of thematics, though that’s certainly there, but in the complicated motives and intrigues which dominate the plot. There are no less than SEVEN major players (Archadia/Vayne/Cid/Venat, Rozarria, Ondore’s Resistance, the Occuria, Balfonheim, Judge Gabranth, and the player’s party). They all have various objectives and quite twisty ways of accomplishing them. If you’ve finished FF12, take a gander at the story section. It’s neat.

Cidolfas: Just pointing these facts out, as the three are to return in the FFXII as party members…

Kytes: While Vaan & Penelo had their adventure, Kytes became Migelo’s assistant, running various errands for him while looking after the other orphans until Vaan & Penelo return.

Tomaj: Voiced by Phil Lamar

Filo: An orphaned Hume girl living in Rabanastre Lowtown with a dream to be Sky Pirate like Vaan.

Also to note…

  • Gurdy’s a girl (that’s a female moogle design.).

  • Venat’s gender as a Occuria is hard to tell, as if it was truely a villian, due to the sinister intent of Gerun & the other Occurias. Venat’s intent was to stop the Occuria from controling humes. To that end, it enlisted the aid of Vayne & Cid. Once the SunCryst is destoryed, Venat awards Vayne its power for making it’s goal a reality.

  • Vayne Carudas Solidor: Now he’s the villian, as his goal was to become Dynast-King, not Venat & Cid’s intent, and force his “idea of peace” at the cost of thousands.

Kytes was doing the same job he always was; all three of them helped Migelo while they were in Rabanastre.

There are many, many minor characters I haven’t included yet; I’d like to at some point (akin to the FF9 page) but no longer have the time to go through the game myself. If you’re talking about FFXII:RW, as ALWAYS, we will not include any information about it until it’s out in English, so don’t waste your time.

I have no clue how you can tell what a female moogle design is. O_o

No, I don’t think either Venat or Cid would be as stupid as not to know what Vayne was up to. Venat knew exactly what he was doing (look at the game script on GameFAQs right before the Undying battle to confirm it). As for Venat’s gender, I thought they did use the word “his” in the script, but apparently not. It does appear genderless.

In any case, as far as I’m concerned, the villain is someone who opposes the heroes (i.e. the players). His actual motivation doesn’t really matter.

I have seen middle names for Vayne and Vossler, but I don’t know where they came from. They aren’t mentioned in the game.

I don’t think Venat really minded what Vayne actually did with the knowledge of Nethicite as long as it would allow Humes to become the masters of their own fate, a “end justifies the means” scenerio on Venat’s part. The lack of gender among Occuria seems to be similar to how many see angels as “devoid of gender”

As for the middle names, that are from the offical game books and offical websites.

Grats! I’m chugging along at level 30. I guess I’m going to have to use an item faq since there’s really no other way to figure out the bazaar system. Is there an NPC that lists the recipes?

Nope. The only way to even get clues about the recipes is to complete the Clan Primer, and even then they’re amazingly vague and don’t even mention the best recipes (then again, getting the items required for the best recipes is so ridiculous that they’re right in assuming that anyone getting them would be using an FAQ anyway).

Frankly, as far as I’m concerned, “the ends justifies the means” is more than enough impetus to mark someone a villain.

Once again, I don’t believe there are any “official books” other than the game manual, where the names are not mentioned. If they’re from official websites, please give me some links.

I have no clue how you can tell what a female moogle design is. O_o

Imagines a moogle with breasts AGH! shakes head violently

In any case, as far as I’m concerned, the villain is someone who opposes the heroes (i.e. the players). His actual motivation doesn’t really matter.

Here we disagree, Cid. A villain isn’t just someone who opposses the heroes, otherwise they wouldn’t be a threat without heroes around. A villain is anybody whose actions cause harm to others- even some “heroes” in fiction have ended up causing great harm. (This is why terms like Protagonist and Antagonists are preferrable.) And there have been stories were the heroes struggled against enemies that ultimately never even realized the harm they were doing (The Penguins and the “Aliens” (humans) in “Happy Feet” are an example.) Of course, I can’t really judge any of the FF12 characters until I find out more about the story, just stating my general opinion here. (And I still haven’t heard anything that has drawn my interest to the game yet. Being immune to spoilers, I’ll likely read the Compendium summary first.)

moogle with breasts ARRGH STOP!!! ::dekar!::

I meant as far as the FFC is concerned, “villain” is the same as “antagonist” and vice versa for “hero”. Whether or not a character is actually a villain depends on whether the player/viewer/reader can identify with him and his morals or not. Often when it’s a shade of grey we hear the terms “anti-hero” and “anti-villain”.

So, Venat & Cid are more of “Anti-villians” as their intent was selfless in nature.

There is in the BRADYGAMEs FFXII guide with full-names. (pages 10-17).

Wilfredo Martinez: Nothing like that, only larger eyes, smaller nose, blushing cheeks, red pompom & wings.

New FFT art

FFXII series art

Vaan: http://www.rpgamer.com/games/ff/ff12rw/art/ff12rw1.jpg
Penelo(RW-style): http://www.rpgamer.com/games/ff/ff12rw/art/ff12rw2.jpg

Ba’Gamnan: http://www.rpgamer.com/games/ff/ff12rw/art/ff12rw7.jpg

  • Note: In Star Wars reference, BaGamnan could be compared to Bobba Fett out of color scheme, profession, & infamy

I tried those links but they were giving me the error. Apparently the site doesn’t like people Hot Linking from others.

As for Venat and Cid. They were also villans in a sense. Their conflict wasn’t with the heroes per say, but with the rest of the Occurians. Your merry band of heroes and Vayne were mostly used to serve their goals of freeing the sun-cryst from the hands of the Occurians. Vayne himself used Cid and Venat to gain the power to rule all of Ivalice, and the fact that he was going to use Rabanasta as the battleground was probably the biggest reason for the heroes to battle him.

I was unaware of Gurdy’s gender thoughout the game. It wasn’t until I looked at the character art on the bonus disk gotten from the collecter’s edition the showed me the errors of my ways, but yeah, the only real differences between Gurdy and a more generic FFXII moogle were facial features and her outfit.:moogle:

Originally Posted by fractyl2
[i]Ba’Gamnan: http://www.rpgamer.com/games/ff/ff12rw/art/ff12rw7.jpg

  • Note: In Star Wars reference, BaGamnan could be compared to Bobba Fett out of color scheme, profession, & infamy[/i]

You’re also forgetting his actions and means of death.

Yeah, none of those links work.
I already have FFT art; I don’t think those are really any higher quality than what I already have.

As I already said, I consider the antagonist of the player’s group to be villains, regardless of whether they’re actually villainous or not. So we can pretty much stop that argument right here.

And just because Gurdy looks different than other moogles doesn’t mean he/she is female. It just means he/she has a unique character model. Unless you mean to tell me that Gurdy is the only female moogle in the whole game.

Fractyl: I was just being silly there, I didn’t really expect moogles to have breasts. :stuck_out_tongue: But thanks for trying to show us the links, anyway.

Cid: While I disagree on the definition, I will agree that, for purposes of the Compendium, it’s better to leave it in simple “Heroes and Villains” terms. Otherwise we would have to get into classifying everybody as heroes, villains, antiheroes, antivillains, neutrals etc. It is interesting to discuss a characters’ motivations versus the good of his or acts- just not in a webpage dedicated to overall information.

Moogle with Breasts GAAAH GO AWAY!!!


Yeah, I don’t mind having the conversation, but not in a thread where fractyl is trying to send me corrections. 8p

Speaking of which, you do know about private messages, right? You don’t need to make threads every time you send me stuff. And you really should try the e-mail one more time, because that is the best way.

Cidolfas: For URLs, “copy & past” on address bar. The FFT art is more enhanced. I’ll try & remember to give info on private messages.

No, there are three basic models (2 male, 1 female): Gurdy’s one of the few female Moogles in the game.

As for Chairman Gregoroth, he was framed by the Emperor’s true murderer(Vayne). The Purpose of Gramis’ death was not to ensure the Solidor House be the central power of the Empire, but give Vayne an excuse to disband the Senate & turn the Empire into an Autocratic goverment.

The game doesn’t make clear whether Gregoroth actually performed the act or not; I know it was planned by Vayne, but it’s still possible he got Gregoroth to do it. I find that more plausible than the idea that every single Judge, including Zargabaath, who seemed more moral than the others, watched Vayne kill his father and said nothing. I find it more feasible that Vayne convinced Gregoroth to kill Gramis with some incentive (money, power, whatever) and then killed him as the patsy.

OK, I see the pics now. It looks like you’re right about Gurdy. I could have sworn Montblanc mentioned having five brothers, though.
The FFT art pics for Ovelia and Delita do look a little better, but Ramza’s exactly the same. In any case, though, I don’t like the whole background for those art pics. I’m going to leave them for now.
As for the FF12 art, that’s from Revenant Wings, which as I said I am leaving alone for the moment.

The fact to remember Vayne was last person to see the Emperor sugested that poisoned his father, there were no Judges present. Gregoroth had no motive, as he was friend to Grims. Only few like Drace actually knew what occured but can not prove it. But the other Judges were indifferent to the matter as “upholding the law” matters, especially since they legalize Vayne’s right to take command & Drace’s action was an grave insult to her comrades.

Unfortunately, this is all conjecture. All I said in the story is that we don’t know whether it happened or not.

By the way, why aren’t the following races noted in the species page.

Bakanamy(Listed in the Golbin area)
Urutan-Yensa (They are note-worthy to the plot)

new art!


More Races (Copy & Past)

The Urutan-Yensa should probably be there, but the Baknamy don’t feature in the plot at ALL; they never even speak.
I’ll try and take a look at those images later.

So what runs that hidden shop in Necrohol of Nabudis?