FF1 - Soul of Chaos (SPOILERS)

I took a look at an FAQ, and found a bit of information on the secret hidden in the new GBA release of FF1.

[SPOILER] There’s a series of dungeons called the Soul of Chaos that can be visited by going back to the old haunting grounds of the Four Fiends. But here’s the cool part; you can fight bosses from FF3j, FF4, FF5 and FF6 inside! Here are the bosses:

From FF3j

2-Headed Dragon

From FF4

Milon (Scarmiglion)
Kainazzo (Cagnazzo)
Valvalis (Valvcalica)
Rubicant (Rubicante)

From FF5


From FF6

Doom Gaze (Deathguise)

Pretty cool, huh?

I saw it in a nintendo power they actually had a picture of someone fighting Doomtrain

Here’s pictures of all the new enemies.


By the way, I recommend you check the site out thoroughly. They’ve got pictures of all the Tetra Master cards from the Playonline version of Tetra Master. There’s even FFX Tetra Master cards in there!

Those screens are from FF2 right? I swear my chars couldn’t get that much max hp in FF1

They’re FF1, probably with hacked stats though.

Very nice.

Now…does it have an easy mode?

Not sure, but according to an FAQ, leveling up is much faster than in previous incarnations. The author claimed to have defeated Garland within the first 5 minutes of gameplay!