March 1st 2007.

Gilgamesh is an esper. That almost makes me want to suffer through FF6 again.

A friend of mine already spoiled how to get Gilgamesh. I swearto God, I wanted to kill her.

New magic too.

Some bugs were fixed also.:ah-ha!:

Did they keep Kefka’s laugh?


I snagged the JP Rom, and also downloaded the ripped GSF music files.

Kefka’s laugh sounds nearly spot-on. It’s certainly better than any SNES emulation has ever done (I’ve never been able to understand why, TO DATE, no SNES emulator has gotten his laugh sounding right)

The GBA remixed music isn’t bad, naturally it sounds way different but it’s not terrible.

There are four new espers, and a bonus dungeon which is accessible after defeating the 8 Dragons. As for the final boss of that dungeon, you’ll find out. also, there’s supposed to be some sort of bonus monster-rush mode or something that you can access after beating the bonus dungeon, don’t know the specifics there.

Unlike FF4 and FF5 Advance, the graphics don’t seem to have been updated at all. Then again FF6 really didn’t need it. Character portraits have been modified slightly to be a tad smaller. Portraits appear in text windows. Oh, and Kefka has a portrait now.


WOOT!! Just in time for my birthday.

I just got V today. I was pleased with the changes that were made, they didn’t bother me at all. I <3 the new soundtrack, sounds really good without changing the original much at all.

Looking forward to VI. I’m long overdue for another playthrough of that, and the new material will help push me through it again. :ulty:

I’ll give this one a go when it’s released here; as previously stated, the new material is enough for me to slog through again. :slight_smile:

I am - forgive me for even saying this - JAZZED about the upcoming release. I haven’t played through FF6 for a long, long time now.

The FFIV remake was awesome. The extra stuff came at the end, yes, but there was actually a reason to bother with it - extra story scenes for everybody.

I haven’t gotten to the extra stuff in FFV yet, but it doesn’t sound quite as good.

FF6 doesn’t really need anything extra. Whatever they add will be great.