FF: Unlimited/Kingdom Hearts

All I know of Final Fantasy: Unlimited so far comes from the Phase 1 DVD and what’s on FF Compendium, but I’ve noticed some similarities to Kingdom Hearts:

(Not sure how many of these are considered spoilers, so I’m covering all but the first one.)

-The main characters (Ai and Yu/Sora, Riku, and Kairi) leave their world for a place that consists of several very different worlds.

-There’s a Big Bad Thing destroying the worlds (Chaos/Heartless), which is connected to a single person (Earl Tyrant/Ansem).

-There are dark, mysterious, brooding characters from a world that has been destroyed (Squall & Cloud/Kaze & Makenshi) who work with or against the heroes.

-Summons come from the transformed remains of those who were destroyed along with their worlds.

As I said, I’ve only seen a little of FF:U, so these may not all be accurate. I also left out direct Final Fantasy references (Cid, moogles, etc.).

Is there anything else to add?

Eh… I’m pretty sure any similarities are completely coincidental. In particular, the Inner World of FFU isn’t really like the discrete “planet map” of KH in that it isn’t a bunch of separate worlds, but a bunch of different parts of the same one. And many things in KH (including Squall/Cloud and the summon gems) are basically just there so they could have more FF/Disney references that fit into the storyline, as opposed to FFU where it’s more of an integral part of it.

I figured they weren’t intentional. They’re not similar enough to be deliberate references, but enough to be interesting coincidences.