FF Tactics for PS1!

Hey all, I’m new here…umm, I was just wondering if there is any way to emulate FFT (originally for PS1) on the computer? Legalities aside, I mean. Living in Canada, the laws aren’t as strict for this kind of stuff. I really appreciate it!:wave:

Hey man, watch that kind of talk around here. It’s against the rules to request roms and such.

By the way, welcome to the site!

I think it’s allright as long as you don’t ask for the ROM.

Yes, I suppose there is, but have never done so myself. You need to get a PSX emulator and the FFT ROM. I have never tried emulating PSX so that’s all the information I have.

The best emulator to use is ePSXe. The regular plugins should be all you need. And yeah, you’ll need to get the ROM from somewhere, try Google.

And it’ll probably easier to find a ROM for a PSX game if you call it an ISO or Disc Image.

Okay I’ll be more careful next time ^_^, but while we’re on the topic, could I rip the info from the PS1 disc?


You can rip the ISO from the disc, yes, but if you have the disc you can just let it load from CD.

Okay, I’ll try it with the discs. But when I tried to unzip ePSXe, it said there was an error u_u

What error?

It says ZIP file corrupt or incomplete or something :S

Then re-download it, preferably from somewhere else.


w00t! Got it now! All that’s left is to get the FFT ISO :slight_smile: