FF Tactics: Deep Dungeon

How many levels are there in Deep Dungeon?

This should be in the Gaming Help Forum, but I think I’ll steer it in a different direction. Did anyone read the Deep Dungeon info on the Final Fantasy Compendium about the floor names? Each one is named after a specific scene in “Apocalypse Now”, though some words are spelled backwards (Napalm is Mlapan, etc.)

Yea, they’re all references to Apocalypse Now. For freakier reading, push Select on each of the floor names. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try that! 8)

Speaking of which, any other references to popular culture you can think of? Like the “Dammit, Jim” one in FF9?

I’m not sure whether it really counts as popular culture, but there was that Xenogear(sp?) mention on FF7.


i beat the deep dungeon with 5 summoners and had all 5 of em learn zodiac, of course they were all master calculators too (with all magics learned)…

that was my 186 hour quest…