FF-Star Wars Crossovers

I was reading through the crossovers on the Star Wars crossovers, and two of them in particular seem like a big stretch to me.

The crossover between FF8 and Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, involving the moon of Dxun and it’s monsters.

First of all, KotOR II came out in 2004, FF8 came out in 1999. … Secondly, Final Fantasy has had monsters on the moon that somehow come to the planet surface since Final Fantasy 4 AT LEAST. If anything, it’s a crossover that Star Wars took from FF.

Nanaki is an anagram for Anakin. …Coincidence. Nanaki is a Japanese name. So is SETO. Nanaki’s father.

There’s some definate weight to some of these crossovers, but the Nanaki one is a big stretch, and the KotOR one is just misinformation.